Revolutionary technology is behind LOCKEN’s contactless access control solution

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ISEO has built superior induction technology into its latest-generation electronic key and has patented the technology’s application. Boasting major advantages for access control systems, this key has been incorporated into the solutions marketed by LOCKEN, the ISEO Group’s “solutions & systems” expert.

Electronic access management systems have seen a strong uptake in many industries and interest has risen even further since the emergence and spread of the coronavirus pandemic. LOCKEN’s access control solution features one single key for all access points, meaning users have their own assigned key and don’t need to share, enabling companies to comply with strict safety and hygiene regulations.

In addition to this major advantage, the ISEO key provides three significant benefits associated with the induction technology:

  • It makes life easier by opening doors almost instantaneously, with information exchanged between the key and electronic cylinder in less than 80 milliseconds, i.e. the time it takes for a regular key to recognise a mechanical cylinder.
  • It ensures unrivalled durability with contactless communication between the electronic key and cylinder, making it immune to dust, wear and tear and oxidation caused by humidity or salt.
  • Finally, magnetic induction overcomes the need for an electric current. Approved to ATEX II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4, the solution is therefore suitable for all explosive environments, such as gas delivery and regulation stations, specific hydrocarbon processing and distribution infrastructures, chemical factory enclosures and grain silos.

Also included is a Bluetooth module, which means the key communicates with the user’s smartphone using the MyLocken app. It is therefore capable of offering centralised control and case-by-case, real-time access control, reaching standards of security that are usually only available from online access control systems.

The LOCKEN electronic key is the first and only one in the market to use induction technology as part of an access control system. This complete advanced solution meets ever more stringent demands of big companies, in term of robustness, security, performance and traceability.

LOCKEN has uploaded a 2.5-minute film about the induction-based electronic key to its website, which shows how this game-changing access control technology is set up and how Bluetooth boosts the key’s performance. Watch the video now at https://www.locken.eu/new-film-iseo-contactless-key/

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