Independent retailers looking to invest in surveillance technology, reports IDIS

surveillance technology

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IDIS has claimed that convenience stores are a “forgotten market” for many integrators and installers.

The global surveillance technology manufacturer has suggested that, although the contract value for a single store will be smaller than for a multi-site project, spending-per-store is often higher.

This is especially true for family-owned businesses.

In fact, IDIS estimates there are approximately 100,000 British independent retailers and more than 400,000 across EU member states in need of CCTV upgrades.

Many are looking to surveillance technology to tackle violence against staff, customer theft and fraud.

Surveillance technology enhances awareness

According to the ACS Crime Report 2022, in the UK alone, the combined annual spend on security among convenience stores was recently estimated at almost £250m.

The highest proportion of this was spent on security staff.

However, most family-run and independent businesses do not employ security officers – this makes video surveillance technology a critical investment.

IDIS cites one recent upgrade at a British, family-run store that included 28 of its 5MP IR dome cameras and four 5MP bullet cameras with SD card failover.

The project also included PoE switches, installation accessories, a 32-channel NVR recorder, two specialist display monitors and its cost-free VMS.

Another example is a Belgian family-owned DIY store that deployed a high performance surveillance technology solution that comprised of 20 UHD fisheye cameras.

In this instance, the business owners were given complete domain awareness across the store to tackle shrink.

“Offering a futureproof infrastructure”

In light of these statistics and its project successes, IDIS says it’s worth integrators getting to know this market by focusing on their local communities.

“Our experience in this sector is that while customers want good value, they aren’t looking for cut-price systems,” says James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe.

“Buyers are typically owner-managers who see video as a key investment for their businesses and something to be proud of,” he added.

“[…] They want high quality equipment that’s quick to install and guaranteed to work well for years, while offering a futureproof infrastructure.”

Min continued: “We’re seeing that our systems integrators who do a good job are likely to get maintenance and follow-on contracts, particularly since the vast majority of independent retailers are outside of city centres and tend to look for a proven, local professional security partner they can trust.

IDIS is working systems integrators to give these practised video users exactly what they want.

“High definition coverage of their complete stores, including the most vulnerable locations at the ends of aisles and the ability to track suspect movements seamlessly in real time.”

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