Remote security vehicle and AI technology showcased at Expo 2020


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Visitors at Expo 2020, Dubai will be able to witness a remote-controlled security vehicle and artificial intelligence that could shape the future of air traffic control. They are among the prize exhibits at UAE Innovations, which runs at the expo site until 16 February 2022.

Government organisations and private sector companies are showcasing their latest technology at the event. One of the highlights of the opening day was the Emirates Sniper which is a remote-controlled vehicle with a gun mounted to it that sends live footage back to a control room.

The vehicle, which is on display at the Ministry of Interior stand, is expected to be rolled out for police work, including raid operations and filming security events.

A robot receptionist that greets you when you arrive at hospital was also among the star attractions on Friday. “It’s already being used in some hospitals in Dubai,” said Engineer Vaibhav Yadav, who was demonstrating to visitors how the robot worked.

“The robot will greet you when you arrive and you can ask it questions, giving users the information needed regarding which part of the hospital you need to go to.” He also explained that the robot, which costs around $40,000, can be programmed for a whole range of purposes.

Other inventions on show include the AI Planner, from the General Civil Aviation Authority. This processes information more quickly than humans, making air traffic flow predictions more precise, reducing the margin for error.

The Ministry of Climate Change is showcasing the Green Barjeel environmental project. This involves installing algae stations at the side of roads and other strategic locations to collect and store greenhouse gas emissions.

A national early warning system is also being previewed at the exhibition. This will send early alerts during emergencies to mobile phones, radio, television and mosque speakers, warning residents of impending danger.

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