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Reconeyez app delivers AI-verified alarms straight to mobile devices

Reconeyez app

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Reconeyez, an AI-powered wireless security camera company, has launched a new mobile application that delivers alarm notifications directly to smartphones via push notification, so security personnel can receive information about intruders wherever they are located. 

With the push notification, the new Reconeyez mobile app delivers an alarm from the monitored site together with the photo(s), exact location and relevant contacts. After receiving the notification, it is easy to take immediate action. Calling a predefined phone number (site owner, local police, etc.) or sharing the alarm photos with other parties can be done with just a click.

The new Reconeyez app can be especially useful for companies that do not have resources for 24/7 monitoring, but it is also beneficial for larger companies that wish to get the alarm information to all relevant staff as quickly and efficiently as possible. The access to the monitored sites can be easily shared, so the end-user could receive the push notifications as well. Another helpful feature is the ability to decide what types of events they wish to receive (e.g., AI-verified alarms only), for which sites and during what times of the day.

“Time is of the essence when it comes to security, so we wanted to offer our clients a solution that helps them be more in control. The user now has even more peace of mind without any additional effort,” explained Maksim Ziabko, the Head of Cloud Products of Reconeyez. “We are certain that the new application will improve the operations of our security company partners.”

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