RealNetworks debuts SAFR SCAN at ISC West 2022


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RealNetworks debuted its first hardware solution in the company’s 27-year history – SAFR SCAN – the first and only computer vision-based access control and workforce management solution designed and priced (MSRP US$1,199) for mainstream applications. Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks can be seen above giving a personal demonstration of the new SAFR SCAN to ISJ’s very own Mark Colyer at ISC West 2022.

“SAFR SCAN is a game changer. It’s the fastest and most secure way to control building and office access ever created,” said Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks. “SAFR SCAN is the first integrated hardware-software product we’ve built in Real’s 27-year history. We chose to make hardware because it enabled us to leverage our SAFR software platform to deliver a world-class product for less than half of what competing products cost.”  

A touchless biometrics solution that is much more secure, reliable and accurate than keycard-based systems, SAFR SCAN is engineered for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. SAFR SCAN will be sold in North America through a network of system integrators.

“SAFR SCAN is custom hardware designed around SAFR – our fast, highly reliable, low bias and compact computer vision platform,” said Brad Donaldson, VP Computer Vision, SAFR from RealNetworks. “We’ve built SAFR SCAN to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of access control environments to create a compelling, reliable and contactless alternative that’s better and more secure than traditional methods like key cards.”

Designed as a standalone or networked solution, SAFR SCAN delivers fast, frictionless throughput capable of authenticating up to 30 individuals per minute.

To ensure personal privacy, all enrolled and scanned biometric data is fully encrypted and does not contain any visual imagery of individuals’ faces. For added physical security, SAFR SCAN features anti-spoofing technology employing 3D structured light and RGB to best ensure the liveness of the individual being authenticated.

“SAFR SCAN is the biometrics access device that industry professionals have been waiting to arrive. It delivers extremely high levels of identification and authentication capabilities for new and emerging physical security, workforce management and health-safety applications at an exceptional price point that will be attractive to large organisations as well as SMBs,” said Steve Guardiani, President, Valuber Security. 

Designed and made in the USA, SAFR SCAN units are scheduled for delivery beginning in May 2022.

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