RaySecur makes key appointments to Advisory Board


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RaySecur has added Dean Geribo, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Moderna and Jim McDonnell, former LA County Sheriff to its Advisory Board.

The use of postal mail as a means to deliver threats – such as powders, liquids, drug-infused paper, hazardous chemicals, biomedical agents, radiation and weapons – is a growing concern, particularly in the corrections and biotechnology markets.

RaySecur‘s MailSecur scanners are the first Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designated T-ray desktop scanners for mail and package threat detection.

Geribo joins the Advisory Board when RaySecur is growing and expanding its foothold in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries.

“I am thrilled to be joining RaySecur’s team at a time when corporate security organisations need to ensure mail security is included as a key component of their overall security posture, particularly in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors,” said Geribo.

“Given the confluence of tenuous social, political and economic factors, it is crucial that our industry take a data-driven approach to evaluating risk and adopt leading technologies, such as those being developed by RaySecur, to mitigate those risks.”

McDonnell brings more than 40 years of senior law enforcement experience to RaySecur’s Advisory Board. He is also the first person to serve in executive leadership roles in the three largest policing agencies in LA County: the LA County Sheriff’s Department, the LA Police Department and the Long Beach Police Department.

“Prisons and jails alike are struggling to contain the flow of drugs and contraband from entering their facilities via inmate mail. What’s worse is that criminals are continually changing the drug types and composition, making detection nearly impossible with conventional technologies,” added McDonnell.

“I am looking forward to working with RaySecur’s team to accelerate the adoption of their T-ray technologies across many more organisations and facilities, enabling law enforcement and corporate security teams to stay a step ahead of ever-changing risks.”

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