Rapiscan Systems Learning Academy earns CAA “Outstanding” Award for security training

Learning Academy

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The Learning Academy of Rapiscan Systems, a manufacturer of security inspection equipment, has been awarded an ‘Outstanding’ grade as a certified training provider by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) UK.

The Learning Academy provides certified training globally to an average of 3,000 students per year, having trained approximately 9,800 security professionals to date. The Academy supplies a range of training and educational programs to suit individual customer requirements, including Threat Recognition and accredited UK Security Training across Rapiscan’s range of security and inspection technologies and areas of expertise.

CAA Accreditation utilises a formal certification framework with strict criteria. This includes requiring a Management and Governance structure of training content, enacting specific policies around Learning and Development to enhance the learning experience, putting in place a stringent Quality Assurance model across all areas of course delivery and providing support tools for all students that include dyslexia screening and additional assistance as required.

“Passing the audit process is a challenge for any training service provider but passing with an ‘outstanding’ result across all framework areas makes me immensely proud,” explains Brian Reid, Global Director Training and Education. “We pride ourselves on offering informative, industry-leading training across our product range, in line with the highest possible standards and with EU regulation. The CAA Award reflects these high standards, but most importantly the hard work of our Learning Academy team.”

“Going forward, as the aviation and transport industries recover from the current global health crisis, operator skills are likely to fade,” Brian continues. “Training and skill building will be essential to ensure that security screening operators return to top-form. With increased numbers of staff working remotely, virtual training and learning from home will be key. As the only security manufacturer able to deliver fully CAA accredited end-to-end training solutions, from initial introductions to concepts through to actionable skills and certification, our Outstanding CAA Certified training is here to support companies and learners across the industry.”

To find out more about Rapiscan Systems’ Learning Academy and wider product range, visit https://www.rapiscansystems.com/en/

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