Indian Railways deploys Herta facial recognition solutions

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Indian Railways has implemented facial recognition solutions from Herta to enhance security across its network of train stations in the country’s Eastern region.

Herta facial recognition

According to the company, this is the largest project of its kind in the transport sector and is a major step towards improving passenger and staff safety across the system.

The facial recognition solutions have been deployed by Indian Railways as part of its commitment to embracing advanced solutions for enhancing security.

Startologic oversaw the deployment of Herta’s facial recognition solutions at Indian Railways.

Key features of the company’s facial recognition solutions implemented at 230 train stations include:

  • Real time identification – Herta’s technology provides real time facial identification capabilities
  • Enhanced security – the implementation enhances security by automatically identifying and alerting authorities about the presence of individuals with potential security concerns
  • Efficient monitoring – Herta’s system enables efficient monitoring of train stations, offering a proactive approach to security management
  • User friendly interface – the intuitive user interface of Herta’s solutions facilitates easy integration with existing security systems, providing a seamless experience for railway personnel responsible for monitoring and managing security

“We are delighted to announce the successful integration of Herta’s facial recognition solutions at Indian Railways,” said Rahat Jain, MD, IDIS INDIA.

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