New AI radiometric thermal cameras from Hanwha Vision

radiometric thermal camera

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Hanwha Vision has confirmed the launch of its AI-based radiometric thermal camera range.

Models in the range include the 8fps versions TNO-C3012TRA/22TRA/32TRA and 30fps versions TNO-C3010TRA/20TRA/30TRA.

New radiometric thermal cameras

According to Hanwha Vision, the compact cameras provide precise temperature measurements.

Measuring between -40°C to 550°C, the new solutions also offer security and surveillance functions, making them ideal for industrial applications as well as airports, shipping and mining industries.

Integrating AI into radiometric thermal cameras greatly enhances the monitoring of scenes in demanding visibility and conditions.

These cameras are said to be capable of accurately classifying people and vehicles, even in challenging weather or difficult lighting conditions.

Not only does this enable operators to proactively protect people and assets, control access to a site and prevent accidents, but it allows them to monitor for temperature changes in hazardous areas.

High quality images

The 17µm pixel size and improved sensitivity, 30mK Noise Equivalent Temperature Detection (NETD), enhances thermal discrimination in challenging scenes with low contrast.

The company has also confirmed that the cameras are equipped with QVGA resolution (384×288) and wide-angle lenses (HFoV 90˚/ 60˚/ 37.9˚).

This makes them ideal for short-to-medium range monitoring applications.   

The new radiometric thermal cameras can also capture clear and detailed images for the AI to analyse accurately, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Installers will benefit from an easy installation process as the cameras are lightweight, at just 1.7kg.

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