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Quantum expands surveillance portfolio with Smart Video Recording Servers


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Quantum Corporation has announced the Unified Surveillance Platform (USP), a resilient, flexible and secure software platform for recording and storing video surveillance data. In addition to introducing this software platform, Quantum is introducing a new line of Smart Network Video Recording Servers (NVRs). The Smart NVRs combine the Quantum Unified Surveillance Platform software with a purpose-built NVR server to create a next-generation, integrated appliance for capturing and recording surveillance video. These new offerings expand Quantum’s video surveillance portfolio which also includes hyperconverged appliances from the recently acquired Pivot3 video surveillance assets, standard NVRs and long-term retention solutions.

Unlike other NVRs, Quantum Smart NVRs can run multiple physical security applications on a single server.

The Quantum USP software simplifies video recording infrastructure and lowers total cost of ownership by consolidating the server’s compute, storage and networking resources into a single unified and scalable system that hosts video management system (VMS) and other common security applications. Quantum USP software runs on any standard server to give security integrators flexibility in the server hardware they use and provides them with a path to subscription-based revenue and managed services with a simple, convenient subscription licensing model. In addition, Quantum’s new Smart NVR can run multiple physical security applications–unlike other NVRs–on a single server to reduce costs and complexity for security integrators and their customers. These new offerings broaden Quantum’s end-to-end portfolio of solutions for capturing, storing, analysing and retaining video surveillance data.

“With the strategic acquisitions of Pivot3’s surveillance business and EnCloudEn’s hyperconverged software last year, we extended our customer and system integrator base and go-to-market offerings with field-proven technology for mission-critical surveillance workloads,” Ross Fujii, General Manager, Strategic Markets, for Quantum. “I’m encouraged by the momentum we are seeing in this business and the opportunity for growth in video surveillance data management. We are bringing even more differentiated value to market with our USP software optimised for video data and Smart NVRs, both offered in flexible consumption models that provide systems integrators and customers the convenience and choice they desire.”

Secure platform for mission-critical video

The Quantum USP is based on software technology that Quantum acquired from EnCloudEn. Quantum has further developed and optimised the software to meet the unique needs of the video surveillance market, particularly for organisations where video is mission-critical to their security objectives. Quantum USP provides several unique benefits including:

  • Flexibility for system integrators and customers to use their choice of server hardware
  • Convenience of subscription software licensing plans with variable length terms
  • Fast video ingest and instant playback using intelligent cache management optimised for VMS applications
  • Ability to create storage pools from mixed media types (HDD, SSD, NVMe, etc.) to match application-specific performance and cost requirements
  • ‘Write online / distribute offline’ algorithm to keep pace with video ingest and to avoid susceptibility to dropped frames
  • Built-in data centre-grade digital security to prevent unauthorised access and malware
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through strategic use of open source, including a built-in KVM based hypervisor, software-defined networking and management console for ease of deployment and management

Reduce costs and simplify deployment

Quantum Smart NVRs combine the Quantum USP software with a purpose-built recording server to create a next-generation, integrated appliance for capturing and recording surveillance video in small-to-mid size deployments. Unlike other NVRs, the Quantum Smart NVR provides several benefits including:

  • Ability to run multiple applications on a single NVR to reduce the number of recording or other security servers required
  • Built-in data centre-grade digital security to prevent unauthorised access and malware
  • Predictive health and resource monitoring including VMS application event management
  • Simple menu-driven, one-click setup and management
  • Available in both 2U and ultra-dense 4U Smart NVRs that provide up to 960TB of capacity in a single chassis

“We chose to partner with Quantum because they offer best-in-class software for video surveillance storage that we believe will revolutionise the industry with its ingest capability, resilience and ability to run on any server,” said Rommel Roberts, CEO of ReddWare, a manufacturer of hardware solutions specifically for the needs of the surveillance and physical security industry. “As a hardware manufacturer that has our roots in system integration, we offer unique expertise and hardware designed for the needs of system integrators and their customers. Our experience and purpose-built hardware combined with Quantum’s USP software solves their challenges of storing, managing, retaining video surveillance data for any requirement.”

“With their USP software and Smart NVRs, Quantum is addressing a wide spectrum of needs with solutions that are differentiated and more advanced than anything else on the market,” said Tom Larson, President of Velasea, a full-service OEM system builder and distributor for the physical security market. “At Velasea, we only partner with companies that offer the best solutions to help security integrators and their customers reduce costs and allow them to evolve their security infrastructure to keep pace with ever-changing technology, compliance regulations and requirements over time, which is why we chose to work with Quantum.”

Quantum USP and Smart NVRs are both available now and will be showcased 22-25 March at ISC West. To learn more about these new offerings as well as Quantum’s entire portfolio of video surveillance solutions, visit booth #20065 or go to www.quantum.com.

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