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Quanika confirms partnership with Data Installation & Supplies (DIS)


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Network infrastructure and security systems integrator, Data Installation & Supplies (DIS), has formalised its working relationship with Quanika in a partnership deal that will drive advanced integration projects in high demand sectors including logistics and online retail warehousing and e-commerce services.

Quanika technology is enabling a new generation of security and site management solutions that leverage the power of corporate databases – including Microsoft Active Directory – helping customers to operate their sites more efficiently in increasingly competitive landscapes.

DIS reports that it is growing strongly in sectors including warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and retail, all of which have to manage high throughputs of staff, visitors and site users. The partnership with Quanika now allows DIS to deliver advanced – and increasingly customised – solutions integrating best-in-class video and access control hardware from Axis Communications along with multiple technologies from other vendors.

“Quanika software lets us power Axis Communications access control hardware to create complete end-to-end security solutions that operate from a single pane of glass. We’ve been an Axis surveillance Gold partner for years, now Quanika’s software is a game-changer for us,” says Adam Foster, Technical Director, DIS. “Another key advantage of working with Quanika is the company’s ability to adapt and customise solutions and develop new integrations at speed. When we request a new feature or function the development turnaround is impeccable – whether that’s something bespoke to one customer or something with wider market applications to benefit more projects.”

Quanika’s integration model combines off-the-shelf affordability with bespoke tailoring whenever required. Its core software offerings, Quanika Enterprise and VisitorPoint, are giving DIS customers more practical, affordable migration routes away from outdated, siloed systems and technology stacks which are less efficient and less secure. They are also transforming the way organisations control access to their premises, facilities and networks and manage a growing number of functions – including time and attendance and payroll – by automatically exchanging data between access control and visitor management systems and popular corporate databases such as Active Directory.

Quanika Enterprise combines advanced access control functionality with the ability to manage video surveillance and wider building management systems to give organisations multi-site management and control from a single user interface. VisitorPoint synched with Active Directory allows organisations to manage their staff, contractors and visitors under one single umbrella giving them the flexibility to adapt to the latest security, safety and operational requirements.

The overall increased efficiency – with greater user convenience and more positive visitor experiences – is particularly important for organisations looking to adapt to labour shortages by improving working conditions and staff retention, says, Sales Director, Phil Campbell.

“With the continuing economic pressures arising from the pandemic, customers are looking to care for their people with frictionless access and a smooth experience every time they arrive at a site, whether that’s full-time staff, contractors, regular visitors or a guest attending for the first time,” says Phil. “We are delighted to be working with DIS to make this a reality for many more organisations. Together we are giving customers the advantages of affordable complete security and safety solutions with off-the-shelf integrations and the ability to quickly add new systems and devices to meet site-specific challenges.

For more information on Quanika solutions go to quanika.com and to contact Data Installation & Supplies go to https://www.disnetwork.co.uk/.

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