Quanika and SensaTek to deliver integration projects for Australian integrators


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Australian systems integrators can now deliver a new generation of seamless, end-to-end security solutions powered by Quanika’s Enterprise and VisitorPoint software, following a distribution agreement between the two companies.

Quanika Enterprise enables out-of-the-box integration with tech from Axis Communications including its full range of network cameras, door controllers and audio devices as well as choice of video management software. Users can connect, off-the-shelf a range of popular third-party systems from intruder and fire detection and site-specific applications and widely used databases, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Quanika’s modular approach is more affordable and flexible than traditional enterprise-level integrated solutions and its access control and visitor management software works seamlessly with Axis Communications’ hardware and a wide choice of video management software (VMS) including AXIS Camera Station, Milestone and IPConfigure, to give users a unified security management platform.

Quanika’s VisitorPoint visitor management software is also being used by organisations to combine increased security with improved access convenience for visitors, staff, contractors and deliveries. Through access digitisation it is automating workflows, eliminating siloed systems and helping organisations adapt to more flexible and hybrid working patterns.

The distribution agreement covering Australian markets positions SensaTek to deliver complete integrated solutions to meet the security, safety and operational demands of businesses of any size including single facilities, campuses and multi-site applications in the healthcare and logistics sectors.

“Quanika’s integration model, which combines off-the-shelf affordability with bespoke tailoring whenever required, is being deployed in settings globally including hospitals, global logistics operations, retail, manufacturing and leisure,” says James Robinson, Senior Business Development Manager, SensaTek.

“It’s helping organisations improve security and drive up efficiency by moving away from stand-alone, siloed systems. We are looking forward to delivering the same benefits to Australian customers too.”

Quanika Enterprise offers an intuitive security and safety management platform that integrates advanced access control functionality with video and wider building management and popular databases, including Microsoft Active Directory, that gives organisations single and multi-site management and control and the flexibility to orchestrate change and adapt to the latest security, safety and operational requirements.

“As well as the advantages of affordable integration with off-the-shelf software, Quanika offers the ability to quickly add new integrations to meet site-specific challenges,” says Phil Campbell, Sales Director, Quanika. “In line with our expansion in other markets we are delighted now to be working with SensaTek to deliver a new generation of affordable integrated solutions across Australia.”

For more information on Quanika solutions go to quanika.com and to contact SensaTek go to sensatek.com.au.

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