Qognify officially joins Hexagon following news of acquisition

Qognify officially joins Hexagon following news of acquisition

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A leader in digital reality solutions combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies has expanded following the completion of a major acquisition.

Video management software (VMS) and enterprise incident management (EIM) solutions provider Qognify has now officially joined Hexagon.

The company announced that it was being acquired by Hexagon in December 2022.

“A more robust offering”

Qognify will be joining the Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division of Hexagon, with its VMS, Qognify VMS, and its EIM platform, Situator, set to further enhance Hexagon’s broad technology portfolio.

In addition to strengthening Hexagon’s capabilities, Qognify will expand its reach into sectors such as commercial, retail, financial and business services.

“Qognify and Hexagon solutions have successfully been deployed together for large projects,” explained Steve Shine, CEO and President, Qognify.

“Now as one, Qognify and Hexagon provide a truly comprehensive proposition for organisations to optimise and safeguard their world for customers, employees, citizens and communities.”

Steven Cost, President, Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, Hexagon added: “Qognify extends our real time monitoring and security reach to detect, assess and respond to incidents, providing a more robust offering to the markets we serve.”

About Qognify

As a subsidiary of Hexagon, Qognify assists clients in mitigating the consequences of security, safety and operational disruptions.

Its array of video management software and enterprise incident management solutions cater to a diverse customer base across the globe including, but not limited to, manufacturing, transportation, retail, education, finance, logistics, corrections, critical infrastructure and government sectors.

To find out more information, visit: https://www.qognify.com/

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