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QleanAir launches IoT platform that gives clients control of air quality in real-time


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QleanAir has launched QleanAir Connect; an IoT platform that helps organisations improve air quality at the workplace. By connecting air cleaners to the cloud, organisations can now gain a better understanding and control of their indoor air quality.

QleanAir has now entered the next level of air cleaning, launching their latest innovation: QleanAir Connect — a smart system that helps clients get control of their fleet of air cleaners and monitor their indoor air quality (IAQ) by providing live data and insights.

“We are happy to launch QleanAir Connect as organisations today have higher expectations on air quality. I hope to see more organisations raising their ambitions for healthy indoor air and to be able to support them on that journey with QleanAir Connect”, says Christina Lindstedt, CEO at QleanAir.

QleanAir Connect provides full control of indoor air quality by connecting air cleaning units and sensors to the same platform. It helps managers gain a better understanding of the indoor air by tracking important key metrics over time. This way, companies can follow air quality variations and air cleaner performance to ensure healthy and safe indoor air at the workplace, contributing to employees’ wellbeing.

The new IoT platform is particularly beneficial for larger industries that need to manage their indoor air quality with large fleets of air cleaners, such as warehouses and production. With an automatic alarm function, it removes unnecessary admin and operations. And by running air cleaners on demand, it is possible to save energy while optimising operations.

The launch marks a new era for the company, according to QleanAir: “Our ambition is to have our clients think as little as possible about their air cleaning. With the new QleanAir Connect we are entering a new era, making it possible for large organisations to secure healthy indoor air for all employees with minimum effort”, says Petra Gustafson, Head of Innovation and Business Development at QleanAir. 

The new connectivity will initially be available with two of the air cleaners; FS 70 and FS 90. QleanAir Connect is already live and available and will shortly be available for integration to existing facility and building management systems.

Main features of QleanAir Connect:

  • Monitoring of air quality in real-time
  • Hassle-free fleet management with easy access to installed units’ performance as well as remote maneuvering
  • Optimised performance of air cleaning solution regarding energy consumption and service intervals
  • Possibility to automise operations and run air cleaners on demand
  • Ensured smooth operations with remote support and monitoring by QleanAir
  • Tracking of key metrics of the air cleaners’ performance and status in real time and historically in order to identify trends
  • Customisable user interface with possibility to connect to facility and building management systems via API.

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