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Providing the power of foresight with IoT technology


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New video technology from Bosch is changing the way that buildings are secured with particular benefits for those working in offices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a significant and ever-changing impact on the way we view video security. Today, cameras are expected to be so much more than devices with which to simply capture images; they need to be far smarter than that. These future-facing cameras are becoming an integral part of the vast digital connectivity infrastructure, delivering a parallel performance as intelligent sensors with the ability to extract the kind of invaluable data that helps businesses make improvements in the area of video security, and beyond. Providing an image together with information like object direction, size, colour, speed or type and use time stamps to provide historical information regarding a specific location or event.

It’s becoming ever clearer that the IoT is transforming the security camera from a device that simply captures images, into an intelligent sensor that plays an integral role in gathering the kind of vital business data that can be used to improve commercial operations in areas beyond security. At the same time today, at the heart of many applications, you’ll find cameras and support systems developed by Bosch, who are heavily investing in the further advancement of video analytics technology. This not only has tangible benefits for human operator surveillance, but also delivers KPIs that are highly relevant to facility managers, because a video security camera network is an existing infrastructure, so it can be improved and expanded by installing additional applications rather than replaced which, from a business perspective, means greater value from a limited investment. Thereafter, the capabilities of an intelligent camera extend to the interaction and sharing of information with other devices (only those you have appointed), image and data interpretation and the ability to perform a variety of tasks independently to optimise both your safety and business requirements.

Specifically, if you’re responsible for a medium or large-sized office, it’s more important than ever that you have access to a means of ensuring people’s safety, managing risks and fraud and protecting property. Any security system that you employ must therefore meet the most demanding commercial requirements of today’s offices, and tomorrow’s. This means thinking beyond a basic intrusion system and specifying a comprehensive solution that integrates smart features like Access Control, Video Management and Intelligent Video Analytics. Because only then will you have security you can trust and detection you can depend on.

Are you leaving the door open to opportunists?

Access control is becoming increasingly important for ensuring the security of office buildings, but as the modern workplace evolves you’re unlikely to find a one-size-fits-all solution. Today it’s commonplace to control entry to individual rooms or restricted areas and cater to more flexible working hours that extend beyond 9 to 5, so a modern and reliable access control system that exceeds the limitations of standard mechanical locks is indispensable.

Bosch Security and Safety Systems has developed access control systems that guarantee reliable entry management for indoors and outdoors. They use state-of-the-art readers and controllers to restrict access to certain areas, ensuring only authorised individuals can get in. With video cameras located within close proximity you can then monitor and record any unauthorised access attempts. The system can also undertake a people-count to ensure only one person has entered using a single pass.

As previously mentioned, there is no one-size-fits-all system, but thanks to the scalability of the hardware components, Bosch systems can adapt to your changing security requirements. For example, you can install the Access Professional Edition (APE) software for small to medium-sized offices, then switch to the more comprehensive Access Engine (ACE) of the Building Integration System (BIS) when your security requirements grow. And, because the hardware stays the same, any adaptations are simple.

The APE software administers up to 512 readers, 10,000 cardholders and 128 cameras, making it ideal for small to medium-sized buildings. With functions like badge enrollment, entrance control monitoring and alarm management with video verification it provides a high level of security and ensures only authorised employees and visitors are able to enter certain rooms and areas.

Of course, there will always be situations when, for convenience, you need certain doors to be permanently open, such as events and open days. APE has a solution to that, too, with a ‘permanent open’ functionality that allows employees and guests to enter designated areas easily and conveniently.

Get the right intrusion alarm system to reduce risk

Securing all perimeter doors is vital when protecting your employees, visitors and intellectual property. Doors are opened and closed countless times during business hours and when intentionally left open, your office is vulnerable to theft and the safety of your employees is compromised. For this reason, Bosch designed the B Series and G Series intrusion control panels, developed with advanced features to ensure all perimeter doors are properly closed, even when the system is not armed. If a door remains open for a period of time (you can specify anything from one second to 60 minutes), the system can be programmed to automatically take action. For example, it can activate an audible alert at the keypad to give employees time to close the door. Then, if it is still not closed, it will send a report to a monitoring centre or a text directly to the office manager and when integrated with video it can even send an image of the incident to a mobile device. Now that’s smart security.

What about people who need to access your building outside of working hours, like cleaning crews? Bosch allows you to customise the way your intruder system operates with a single press of a button or swipe of a card. This level of control enables you to disarm specific areas, bypass points and unlock doors for cleaning crews or after-hours staff, whilst keeping server rooms, stock rooms and executive offices safe and secure.

Bosch G Series intrusion control panels can also send personal notifications via text or email. It’s designed to protect your property from unauthorised entry via up to 599 detectors, including motion detectors or glass break detectors, integrated with up to 32 access control doors and 16 cameras. You can program the panel to send you opening, closing and other event alerts, which means you don’t have to be on-site to keep track of movements in and around your facility.

Need help managing video, audio and data?

Every office building has different video security requirements depending on the location, size and nature of the business. Some offices may only need basic functions such as recording and playback, whereas others may need full alarm functionalities and access to different sites.

A video management system will add a next level of security to your access control system. For example, the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across IP networks for small to large office buildings. It is fully integrated and can be scaled according to your specific requirements.

The entry-level BVMS Viewer is ideal for small offices that need to access live and archived video from their recording solutions. With forensic search it enables you to access a huge recording database and scan for a specific security event in a matter of seconds.

For larger offices, Bosch has embellished the security functions for the BVMS Professional version so it can manage up to 2,000 cameras and offers full alarm and event management. It’s also resilient enough to remain operative should both Management and Recording Servers fail; reassuring if you have critical office applications that need to be secured 24/7.

Video analytics that go beyond security

If your strategy is to significantly improve levels of security, video analytics is an essential part of the plan. It acts as the brain of your security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to any video footage you capture. In effect, each video camera in your network becomes smart to the degree that it can understand and interpret what it is seeing. You simply set certain alarm rules, such as when someone approaches a perimeter fence and video analytics alerts security personnel the moment a rule is breached.

Bosch has developed smart analytics in two formats. Essential Video Analytics is ideal for small and medium-sized commercial buildings and can be used for advanced intrusion detection, such as loitering alarms and identifying a person or object entering a pre-defined field. It also enables you to instantly retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video, so you can deal with potential threats the moment they happen.

Essential Video Analytics also goes beyond security to help you enforce health and safety regulations such as enforcing no parking zones, detecting blocked emergency exits or ensuring no-one enters or leaves a building via an emergency exit; all measures that can increase the safety of employees and visitors inside the building.

Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analytics has the unique capability of analysing video content over large distances, which makes it ideally suited to more expansive office grounds or securing a perimeter fence. It can also differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers such as snow, rain, hail and moving tree branches that can make video data far more difficult to interpret. So, whatever the weather, your premises stay safe and secure.

The final piece in your security jigsaw is an intelligent camera. The latest range of Bosch ’i’ cameras have the highest image quality, latest data security measures and bitrate reduction of <80%. And, with video analytics as standard, they take data usage to a whole new level.

Be prepared for what can’t be predicted

By now you should have an informed understanding of the lengths Bosch go to ensure your security and the technology that makes it possible. And although no-one can fully predict what kind of security-related event is around the corner, when you’re with Bosch our experience and expertise will help make sure you’re always fully prepared.

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