Airbus presents prototype advancement for BroadWay project during PSCE Conference

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Airbus presented the first results and achievements for its consortium solution prototype for the BroadWay project – a pan-European interoperable mobile broadband project for public protection and disaster relief – during the online PSCE Conference which took place on 19 January.

The three consortia still in competition, led by Airbus, Frequentis and Leonardo, presented the status of their respective solutions in front of a panel of industry, practitioner and academic stakeholders.

The solution prototype presented by the Airbus consortium is tailored to answer multiple requirements including the flexibility to adapt the prototype to various use cases and to enable communication using shared and dedicated mobile broadband networks. It addresses use-cases such as natural disasters, sea rescue operations, VIP escort and security during political summits, the tracking and monitoring of smugglers and database query possibilities on behalf of EU public safety agencies.

Improved public safety with BroadWay

The aim of the solution is to give the public-safety responders a higher level of operational efficiency, interoperability and cooperation. In addition, they will have the possibility to access and share information wherever they are and whenever needed, while maintaining the high level of security, as well as the availability and continuity of the services needed during their missions.

Through its prototype, the consortium strives to provide an end-to-end, roaming and group communication solution that is simple, flexible, easy to deploy and manage with a high level of control and security and ready for operational use on the future BroadNet network.

BroadWay groups together 11 countries of the European Union and currently covers 1.4 million of the 3.5 million responders across Europe. The next step of the pan- European mobile broadband project will be the demo day which is to take place in April and will mark the end of step two.

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