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Product Innovation of the Year award won by Hikvision


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Hikvision has won the IFSEC and FIREX Product Innovation of the Year award for its DS-2TD2136 Thermal Network Bullet Camera at the 2019 Security and Fire Excellence Awards in London. The Awards were presented at a gala ceremony at the London Hilton on Park Lane on Wednesday 20 November.

The DS-2TD2136 camera provides the security market with a powerful, effective and affordable networked thermal camera solution, which reduces the need for lighting and can complement and enhance the coverage of standard video cameras. It utilises cutting edge image processing technology and its powerful behaviour analysis algorithm enables automatic smart detection. At the same time the camera provides a reliable temperature exception alarm function and advanced fire detection algorithm. The camera offers the optional use of 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and 35mm lenses depending on project requirements.

The DS-2TD2136 is suitable for the widest possible variety of environments, even those where conventional visibility is severely limited: at night, in the glare of harsh sunlight, in fog or smog, or during snow or rainstorms. Thermal imaging is more accurate when it comes to Video Content Analysis for detecting subjects than conventional cameras which use visible light. This has the effect of reducing false alarms and increasing security efficiency.

As part of its winning submission for the Security and Fire Excellence Awards, Hikvision detailed the case of Foxlake Dundee, a water adventure centre in the heart of Dundee. In this instance, Webster Security & Fire installed a system based on Hikvision’s Thermal Network Bullet Cameras, in place of an out-of-hours manned guarding option. Because of its location, night-time trespassing is an issue and accidental or deliberate damage or vandalism to the equipment is a real risk as well as the danger of injury or worse to intruders.

As the thermal cameras can work in all weather conditions, including those that can severely impede the performance of conventional cameras, they are ideal for a water-based site like Foxlake Dundee. There, when the thermal cameras detect an intruder, a remote monitoring centre is alerted and trespassers are warned off via a PA system – while those in danger can be rescued.

Justin Hollis, Hikvision UK & Ireland Marketing Director, said the company was delighted its Thermal Network Camera had won the Product Innovation of the Year award.

“We are thrilled to win the IFSEC and FIREX Product Innovation award for this Thermal Network Bullet Camera,” he said. “Hikvision has been striving to bring the many advantages of thermal technology to the wider security surveillance market through our commitment to new product development and technological innovation and recognition from the Security and Fire Excellence Awards judges is a real acknowledgement of the work of our R&D and product development teams.”

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