Princeton Identity supplies security biometrics in Middle East, Africa


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Princeton Identity (PI) has secured a new biometrics partnership with Emphor Trading Abu Dhabi, a division of ScreenCheck and subsidiary of The Centena Group.

As part of the collaboration, Emphor Trading will provide its customers with PI’s full line of iris and face biometric security solutions, complemented by customised integrations to address specific security and operational needs.

“Princeton Identity is delighted to be partnering with Emphor Trading, a relationship that promises to introduce our best-in-class technology to a sophisticated security marketplace that will value the unique benefits our solutions deliver,” comments PI President Bobby Varma.

PI’s biometric technologies will reportedly be implemented by Emphor Trading across a variety of industries, including government, corporate, education, manufacturing, oil & gas and retail, among others.

“Emphor Trading’s elite clientele require their security installations to meet the most stringent standards for reliability, accuracy and convenience and we’re pleased to create technology that exceeds this high threshold,” Varma adds.

In terms of applications, Emphor Trading will integrate PI’s biometric solutions within a wide range of physical and logical security technologies, such as ID cards, time and attendance, access control, video surveillance and RFID.

“Partnership with Princeton Identity is part of our commitment to our customers for the continuous delivery of enhanced security solutions from our portfolio,” says ScreenCheck COO Shaji Abdul Kadar.

“We are confident that PI’s global track record in implementing high-end biometric security solutions will benefit government and large corporate customers in the UAE,” he concludes.

The partnership between the companies comes days after Princeton Identity completed two key hires aimed at expanding its biometric solutions portfolio in 2022.

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