President of Gunnebo Entrance Control discusses high security technology

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Gunnebo Entrance Control’s Howard Lang discusses solutions for high security applications and the company’s vision for sustainability.

Howard, you are the President of Gunnebo Entrance Control: From your perspective, why are sectors such as transport and critical infrastructure so important?

As a global provider of entrance control solutions, Gunnebo designs, controls and improves access and maintains flow management across several sectors.

For each industry, we work closely with a team on-site to design solutions and ensure systems can be developed and installed to meet bespoke requirements.

All without compromising on aesthetics, functionality or cutting-edge technology.

In the transport sector – an unforgiving environment where uptime is not just important, but critical – entrance control systems play a critical role and Gunnebo has a track record of performance with products designed to meet sector requirements.

These industries have high volumes of passenger traffic and are vulnerable to various threats, including terrorism, theft and revenue protection.

Similarly, critical infrastructure facilities have high security requirements.

Gunnebo offers a range of turnstiles, speed gates and security revolving doors and portals that can help to regulate access to sensitive areas and prevent tailgating and unauthorised access; we can also provide audit trails.

What Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions are designed for high security applications?

We are leaders in the use of high security entrance control technology.

Our new SpeedStile solutions integrate access control devices and utilise unique algorithms for fraudulent passage detection including tailgating, wrong-way direction, crawling and climbing over.

We can design lane lengths and panel heights to increase security; our detection technology accurately tracks the passage of an authorised user whilst preventing fraudulent or unauthorised entry by a second party.

Gunnebo’s HiSec Security Portals feature a unique interlocking design providing high protection against intrusion, forced entry and ballistic threats.

This ensures that only one door can be opened at a time, again preventing unauthorised access and tailgating.

Tamper-proof and rugged, Gunnebo’s HiSec Security Portals are designed to withstand physical attacks, extreme weather conditions and other challenges that may compromise security.

What is Gunnebo Entrance Control’s vision for sustainability?

We believe that we all have a responsibility for our future.

The group’s mission is to build and maintain a sustainable and ethical business, both internally and in collaboration with our partners.

Our employees and our team are the company’s greatest asset and key to our long term growth and success. We want to be an inclusive employer that people are proud to work for.

This includes a commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions, with good working and living conditions for our employees and the people around us.

And, where each of us collectively focuses on minimising energy consumption.

We care about the environment and take responsibility by striving to improve our performance.

We have focussed on reducing our contribution to climate change, including handling resources as efficiently as possible, striving to have a circular mindset and applying circular economy principles.

We consider all environmental risks and strive to mitigate them.

We believe every Gunnebo Entrance Control employee is responsible for thinking of the world around them and has an important part to play in our pledge towards sustainability.

What are your strategic focuses for 2023?

Standing as a global security specialist provides us with a strong sense of purpose as a company.

One that aspires to be recognised as an innovative, sustainable and engaged Group.

Our vision for 2023 is to continue to grow and establish our solutions in new applications through partnership, working closely with our customers from initial specification to project completion and ensuring we evolve our systems to achieve bespoke requirements.

Gunnebo Entrance Control

Gunnebo is a specialist in entrance control solutions, manufacturing interior and exterior turnstiles ranging from simple tripod turnstiles, entrance gates, full-height turnstiles to advanced speed gates and revolving security doors for a wide range of applications.

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