PlateSmart to unveil latest LPR solutions at GSX 2019


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PlateSmart Technologies, the makers of the original software-only license plate recognition (LPR) solution — PlateSmart ARES — will unveil the latest version of the software at GSX 2019 as well as a new integrated solution. PlateSmart ARES 2.6.0 provides customers more actionable vehicle data, even better accuracy and more robust performance. The all-new Powered by PlateSmart solution allows security technology providers to offer LPR in the most cost-effective way possible: by integrating PlateSmart technology within their products.

“When it comes to software-only LPR solutions, PlateSmart led the way,” said John Chigos, CEO, PlateSmart Technologies. “And now we’ve made our LPR technology even better. We’ve taken advantage of the most advanced deep learning technology to give users even more vehicle data. Plus, our engineering team improved PlateSmart ARES 2.6.0 performance while making it more efficient and flexible to install and use.

As for Powered by PlateSmart, it’s a game-changer — plain and simple. This field-tested, proven technology is the easiest, most cost-effective way for companies offering security solutions to provide LPR using PlateSmart’s industry-leading technology.”

PlateSmart ARES has always been built upon AI and machine learning — technology that allows it to read the license plate as well as the state jurisdiction and vehicle make. Thanks to the latest deep learning technology, PlateSmart ARES can now identify vehicle colour and will soon be able to address vehicle orientation (front, rear or side) and type. That gives customers more actionable data.

From a performance perspective, the new version of PlateSmart ARES also excels. New functionality is designed to minimise any burden on the PlateSmart LPR processor or the CPU. For example, users can specify particular regions of the video frame for the software to look for the plate while masking others, freeing up precious CPU capacity.

Regarding accuracy, PlateSmart ARES 2.6.0 addresses some especially hard-to-read plates — those captured at an angle — by employing a technology called Perspective Correction. This allows users to instruct the software to take the images captured at up to 45 degrees and essentially straighten them so they can be more easily — and accurately — read.

The new version of PlateSmart ARES can work with existing components such as PlateSmart ARES Viewer and Reporter or can be used as a standalone tool. It can be configured and administered via an all-new, browser-based user interface that makes setup and camera configuration a breeze.

All of the technology driving PlateSmart ARES 2.6.0 — the engine — has been packaged into a solution called Powered by PlateSmart. Those wanting to easily and cost-effectively offer LPR within their own solutions can integrate the Powered by PlateSmart technology, extending their functionality in an easy, cost-effective way. This includes video management system (VMS) providers, camera manufacturers, security software firms and the like.

PlateSmart will be demonstrating the PlateSmart ARES 2.6.0 software — and the technology behind Powered by PlateSmart — in several technology partner booths at GSX 2019:

  • Axis Communications, booth #533
  • Geutebrück, booth #1175
  • Uniview, booth #1075

Attendees wanting to schedule meetings with PlateSmart personnel are encouraged to do so by visiting

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