PlateSmart partners with ViSTA Networking Solutions on new LPR appliance


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Many license plate recognition (LPR) installations require only a few cameras. Such applications are often easier and more cost-effective to implement by performing LPR at the camera rather than at a centralised server. For those reasons, PlateSmart has partnered with IP video specialist, ViSTA Networking Solutions (VNS) to make PlateSmart ARES LPR solutions available on VNS’ new V7300 Series LPR appliance.

“Applications that use only a few IP cameras placed relatively close together are ideal for our partnership with VNS,” said Webb Wang, Chief Technology Officer, PlateSmart. “These include site access control and ingress/egress vehicle monitoring. The hardware can be mounted outside, the LPR occurs automatically and customer personnel can perform all the LPR monitoring and reporting from an office or guard station.”

The PlateSmart-enabled V7300 LPR appliance is specifically engineered for LPR operations at the network edge. The solution contains computing, network connectivity, remote maintenance capability, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for cameras and pre-installed PlateSmart ARES LPR software. The appliance’s custom-designed aluminum enclosure is NEMA 3R-rated and can be mounted externally on a wall or pole adjacent to the camera(s). The V7300 LPR appliance supports up to four IP cameras of the customer’s choosing, which are connected to the box via Cat 6 Ethernet cables at pre-wired ports. This allows the cameras to be installed up to 100m from the appliance.

Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE options are available to connect the PlateSmart ARES LPR solution to the customer network. This allows customer personnel to perform all software administration as well as access PlateSmart ARES Viewer, which allows real-time monitoring and PlateSmart ARES Reporter for more detailed reporting of vehicle data.

“Adding LPR functionality to our products is a natural extension of what they were originally designed to do: process video from IP cameras,” said Graham Joys, President, VNS. “Now with the V7300 LPR appliance, customers will have a complete PlateSmart solution combining installation ease, flexibility and low total cost of ownership.”

Thanks to AI and deep machine learning, PlateSmart ARES is able to extract not only the plate and its state jurisdiction but also the vehicle colour and make. Vehicle orientation and type will be available soon. This gives customers more actionable vehicle data.

Users can also create permit lists and hotlists. Permit lists contain plates for vehicles allowed on the property, such as those for employees or authorised customers. Hotlists contain high-priority plates, such as those of potential criminals, disgruntled former employees, etc., for which the user should be on the lookout. Both can be configured to generate automatic alerts so that security personnel can take action, if necessary.

The PlateSmart Enabled V7300 Appliance is targeted for availability in December 2019.

To learn more about PlateSmart ARES solutions, visit or email [email protected]. For more information about the VNS V7300 Series, visit or email [email protected].

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