Peter Kernachan appointed as Technical Trainer at Comelit-PAC


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Comelit-PAC has welcomed the appointment of Peter Kernachan to champion training in the new Manchester offices, facilitating new opportunities for customers to build on their knowledge of Comelit-PAC products and services.

Kernachan is evolving his role in the team at an exciting time for Comelit-PAC, now standing as an all-encompassing security provider of door entry, IP access control, CCTV and compliant fire safety systems.

He has built up a significant product knowledge since joining the PAC company in 2013 after 29 years in the electronics servicing industry; Kernachan can now apply his knowledge to Comelit-PAC and the development of new training opportunities.

Kernachan said: “Training is an investment in the future of not only our own business, but also our customers. And Comelit-PAC as a company is committed to establishing a way forward and forming partnerships, whilst also recognising the time pressures faced in today’s market. It will be my duty to be involved in the opportunity to create a portfolio of courses to support growth.

“Each of our products and services offers unique features and possibilities, for different market sectors.  My role is designed to ensure courses can be designed and tailored to suit different requirements dependent on projects.  And also bring as necessary, our impressive sales and technical team, ready to offer advice for every stage of a works schedule.”

Steve Riley, Division Director at Comelit-PAC added: “I am pleased to see Peter’s role evolve to support our training opportunities. The skills acquired from his previous position within the company will allow him to curate courses individually designed to support and meet the needs of our customers, new and existing.

“This is yet another step forward in Comelit-PAC’s continuous development as a company with clear objectives, to be “with you always” for our customers. I am sure Peter will make a significant contribution to our future business development.”

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