PERCo turnstiles for sports and entertainment facilities

PERCo turnstiles for sports and entertainment facilities

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PERCo offers a variety of equipment for stadiums, fitness centers, spa zones and more.

To organise ticket access, PERCo turnstiles can be integrated into a paid access system – and depending on the location, the installation may require a set of Speed gates, Tripod turnstiles, Box tripod turnstiles or Full height rotor turnstiles.

At City Stadium Karviná-Ráj (Czech Republic), 22 TTD-08A Box tripod turnstiles are installed to ensure access control for visitors. Equipped with an automatic anti-panic function, vandal resistant TTD-08A turnstile for outdoor use is the optimal solution for stadiums, as it allows organising the evacuation of people in the shortest time possible.

The RTD-15.1R Full height rotor turnstile is installed at a service entrance for the organisation of access control for employees. Full-height turnstiles are designed for facilities with high requirements for maximum security and safety.

At Valjoly Holiday Park (France) a set of ST-01 speed gates with swing panels of standard and extended width is installed at the entrance of “L’Aquatica” aquatic centre. Speed gates are equipped with FR-01Q front panels with barcode scanners installation possibility for better integration with the resort’s ticketing system.

Baltic Cinamon cinema chain (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland) has chosen the ST-01 Speed gates equipped with a special extended glass cover for food and beverages for the convenience of viewers when they present their tickets.

Many gyms prefer Compact tripod turnstiles, which allow installing the equipment within limited areas. For instance, the TTR-08A tripod turnstiles are installed at Bodyfit Gym (Greece) and the Track Fitness Center (Albania).

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