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PERCo introduces solutions for paid access facilities


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Paid access facilities include stadiums, fitness centres, cinemas, amusement parks and museums. High security requirements, intense flow of people and ticket-based access are the key features of such facilities.

PERCo turnstiles allow you to prevent queues and provide safety for visitors. The turnstiles can be integrated with various ticketing systems to organise both paid and ticket-based access. Special poles and brackets are used for easy installation of additional equipment: biometric devices, barcode scanners, readers and pyrometers. 

Access by tickets

1-ISJ- PERCo introduces solutions for paid access facilities

Speed gates with a built-in barcode scanner provide a convenient solution for ticket-based facilities. Speed gates are designed to organise checkpoints with increased requirements for design and convenient passage. Swing or sliding panels open automatically upon receiving an authorisation signal providing a convenient touch-free passage. High throughput of 60 persons per minute allows avoiding queues at the entry and exit within an intense flow of people.

ST-01 Speed gates with the front panels for barcode reader installation are used for ticket-based access control at Fontévreau Abbey, France. 

Box tripod turnstiles are another convenient solution for ticket-based access. PERCo product range includes stainless-steel turnstiles with an all-weather design.

TTD-08A Box tripod turnstiles are used for ticket-based access control at the Green Planet Zoological Garden, Dubai, the UAE, Karvina Football Stadium, the Czech Republic. “Anti-panic” barrier arms are designed to provide fast evacuation in a case of emergency. The turnstiles can be supplemented with swing gates to organise additional evacuation exits.

Paid access 

The turnstile can be equipped with a coin/cash acceptor and a bank card reader to organise paid access control. Additional equipment can be either built-in or installed using special poles and brackets. The turnstile opens for passage upon payment of the full amount required for this service.

At the HEMA chain of stores in the Netherlands, the TTD-08A Box tripod turnstile and the TTR-07A Tripod turnstile are used to arrange cash access control to the toilet. TTR-07A Tripod turnstile is a compact and cost-effective solution for installation within limited areas.

In another branch of the HEMA chain, paid access to the toilet is organised using a TTD-10A Box tripod turnstile. Both coins and bank cards can be used for payment.  

Access by membership cards

3-ISJ- PERCo introduces solutions for paid access facilities

PERCo turnstiles can be used to arrange access control by membership cards. For instance, this solution is in demand for fitness centres.

TTR-08A Tripod turnstiles are used to provide membership card holders’ access at SportivaLife Club, the Netherlands, The Track Club, Albania, Bodyfit Club, Greece. 

TTR-08A Tripod turnstiles feature all-weather compact design, automatic “anti-panic” barrier arms and possibility of installation of readers in the turnstile housing. Full height turnstiles are a convenient solution in case of need to organise round-the-clock access to the object when there is no security guard present. 

For instance, RTD-20 Full height rotor turnstile successfully operates at the entrance of Il Fiore Fitness Club, the Netherlands. RTD-20 is designed for сomplete overlap of the passage zone. Double passage full height turnstile allows organising two controlled passage zones within a limited area.

Online controller for ticketing systems

C01 online controller is a convenient solution for integration with ticketing systems. Open protocol of the controller allows third-party developers to use it for organising access control at fitness centres, museums, theaters, amusement parks and many other sites. C01 online controller can be integrated with ticketing system, turnstiles and swing gates. The online controller can also be integrated into the turnstile. Both proximity card readers and barcode scanners can be connected to the controller.

PERCo Online Controller operates together with ticketing systems at Daugava Stadium in Latvia, Marijampole Stadium in Lithuania and Tobol Stadium in Kazakhstan. 

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