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PERCo equipment installed at the office of Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development


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ADDED is a government agency in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that promotes competition between businesses and grants the licenses required to set up a business.

The office of ADDED is visited daily by a large number of both employees and clients of the agency, so reliable access control equipment was required to efficiently manage the following tasks: Fast passage to avoid queues; comfortable access for persons with reduced mobility; capturing of visitor identifiers; compliance with interior design and customisation options.

Fast and convenient passage

Six ST-01 Speed Gates were installed to provide fast, touch-free and comfortable access to the agency’s office. High throughput of 60 persons per minute limits queuing at the entry within the intense flow of people. The Speed Gates are equipped with optical sensors, which track a person in a target area.

Sensors allow you to prevent tailgating and provide a safe passage. In case of an emergency situation, the panels open automatically ensuring fast evacuation of people.

Comfortable access for persons with reduced mobility

Two WMD-06 Swing Gates with extended panels of 900mm were installed to provide comfortable and touch-free passage for persons with reduced mobility. In case of an emergency situation, the swing gate with the extended panel can be used as an additional emergency exit.

Easy capturing of visitor identifiers

Proximity cards are used as identifiers at the office of ADDED. Clients can obtain visitor identifiers at the reception desk. Two IC05 Card capture readers were installed to provide easy capturing of temporary proximity cards. The enlarged hole slot allows capturing cards with clips, which is an advantage for facilities where proximity cards are used as badges.

Design and customisation

The ST-01 Speed Gate is designed in a modern and elegant style. The turnstile is made of stainless steel and tempered glass. Both card capture reader and swing gate perfectly match the design of the turnstile. The housing of the card capture reader is made of polished stainless steel and the top cover is made of tempered glass. The gate post of the swing gate is made of stainless steel, the panel is made of 10mm tempered glass.

PERCo equipment provides a wide range of customisation options. The glass elements of the turnstiles and the swing gate installed at one of the agency’s checkpoints were patterned.

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