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PERCo introduces a new multi-format reader


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Security systems and equipment manufacturer PERCo has released a new multi-format reader. The IR19 reader operates with EMM, HID, MIFARE, PayPass bank cards and smartphones with NFC.

The reader supports the following types of EMM and HID proximity cards: HID ProxCard II, ISOProx II; IL-05ELR EM-Marin IL, ЕМ4100. 

When operating with EMM and HID cards, IR19 reads a unique UID identifier, which is not copy-protected. Reading of HID or EMM identifiers can be deactivated with a master card programmed in the PERCo system software.

The IR19 reader operates with the following types of MIFARE cards: Ultralight, Ultralight EV, Ultralight C, ID, Classic 1K, Classic 4K, Plus, DESFire Ev1. Both UID reading mode and copy protection mode can be used, when operating with MIFARE cards.

While operating in the copy protection mode, IR 19 reads the code from the ID-protected card memory area. To read the data from internal memory, the IR19 reader is programmed with a master card.

Reading distance for UID is from 3cm-7cm and for protected data from internal card memory – from 2cm-6cm. The multi-format readers provide a gradual shift from proximity card access to the copy-protected card or smartphone access. The IR19 multi-format reader supports both RS-485 and Wiegand interface connections.

Due to its operating temperature range of -30°C to +45°C and IP67 protection rating, the reader can be used outdoors. The IR19 multi-format reader is available in black and light grey.

For more information, visit: www.perco.com

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