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business centres

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Business centres and company offices defer the intensive flow of employees and visitors, reports PERCo.

The main tasks of such projects are to prevent queues, ensure convenient access for employees and visitors and fast evacuation in emergencies.

Speed gates with swing panels are the most popular for business centres of classes A and B. Speed gates are distinguished by a high throughput rate of 60 persons per minute.

In case of emergencies or power loss, swing panels open automatically, ensuring fast evacuation.

For visitor access, there are models with built-in barcode scanners to use a barcode as an identifier and card capture readers to collect guests´ passes. 

The JEG Tower

ST-01 Speed gates were selected to organise access control at The JEG Tower business centre, Cebu city, the Philippines.

The JEG Tower business centre is one of the first premium energy efficient buildings in the country.

The entrance group of the business centre is equipped with six speed gates, one of which is equipped with swing panels of increased width to provide convenient access for people with reduced mobility.

PERCo has developed a special bracket for JEG Tower to install an ACS terminal on the ST-01 top cover. To install the terminal, tempered glass top covers with stainless steel inserts were used.

The terminal is synchronised with the Mitsubishi DOS elevators, which makes it possible to optimally organise access control to the business centre territory.

Box tripod turnstiles or compact tripod turnstiles are more cost-effective solutions, which are optimally suited for small business centres.

The capacity of the box tripod turnstiles and tripods is 30 people per minute. To organise a fast evacuation, such turnstiles can be equipped with automatic “anti-panic” barrier arms. 

Box tripod turnstiles can be equipped with built-in barcode scanners and card capture readers for visitor access. TTD-03.1S Box tripod turnstiles were also chosen to organise access control at the Casablanca Finance City Tower in Morocco. 


PERCo turnstiles provide the possibility of installing additional equipment: Readers, barcode and fingerprint scanners and face recognition terminals.

For additional equipment installation, special poles and brackets are provided, which simplifies the additional equipment installation and preserves the turnstile structural integrity. 

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