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Paxton Net2: Saving energy in access control

Paxton Net2

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In the UK, Ofgem has announced a 5% increase in the energy price cap from January, underlining the need for energy-saving solutions.

Paxton addresses this with intelligent features in its access control systems, benefiting both the environment and businesses financially.

Paxton’s Net2, a PC-based access control system, is designed to grant or restrict building access and includes features for straightforward energy-saving measures.

Straightforward energy-saving measures

By using Paxton Net2’s Triggers and Actions feature, facility managers can automate events like turning off lights or heating when the last person leaves the building, helping to avoid energy wastage during non-working hours.

The Net2 Proximity Energy Saving Reader serves as a power switch, offering a simple and automated method to save energy.

When used with Net2 software, building managers can customise access privileges for up to 50,000 users and manage access to energy-intensive appliances.

Steve Woodbridge, Global Training Manager, Paxton explained: “Facility managers can set an event within Net2 software to automatically switch off appliances.

“By utilising the Triggers and Actions feature, lights or heating can be set to turn off when the last person leaves the building.

“This avoids appliances being left on after working hours and saves energy.”

The Net2 Proximity Energy Saving Reader acts as a power switch, aiding energy savings in a straightforward and automated manner when integrated with Net2 software.

Building managers can efficiently manage access privileges for up to 50,000 users, regulating access to energy-intensive appliances.

“Stops unauthorised access and energy wastage”

Woodbridge added: “In some industries, like manufacturing, there are machines that consume a high-level of energy.

“Site managers can use Net2 to give access only to employees who are trained to use the equipment.

“The energy saving readers are specially designed with a cover to retain a user’s card which turns the power on and off.

“The product can be installed on high-energy consuming machines and building managers can use Net2 to set that power will only come on when a valid user card is inserted.”

Woodbridge continues: “When a person leaves a room and takes out the card, the machines will automatically turn off as it’s like switching off the power.

“This stops unauthorised access and energy wastage, ensuring the machines are always switched off when not in use as default.”

Paxton Steve Woodbridge.
Steve Woodbridge


Paxton, with nearly 40 years of experience, crafts cutting-edge IP access control, door entry and video management systems for smart buildings globally.

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