Paxton secures multi-tenant office in Cape Town

Cecilia Square, Cape Town - where Paxton has secured access

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Paxton has announced that Cecilia Square in Paarl, Cape Town, South Africa has utilised its networked access control system, Net2, to secure the multi-tenant office.

According to the company, the site has recently undergone a full refurbishment, including a complete upgrade of its security system, replacing its inconsistent biometric solution for a more efficient alternative. 

The project

Paxton highlights that for the multi-tenant building, the new access control solution needed to be flexible and allow for the system administrators to grant different access permissions to users depending on which business they worked for.

Each business based at Cecilia Square required the ability to visually verify their own visitors before allowing entry into the building. As the building provides communal areas as well as individual workspaces, it was important that users could easily access the shared areas whilst keeping each office secure and accessible only to authorised personnel.

It was also important for users to have more than one means of entry to the office building. By assigning both a token and PIN, Paxton says that the business tenants have reassurance that their employees can always gain access without compromising on security.


As the contracted security installer for Cecilia Square, Smart Protect Pty chose to install Net2 to meet the needs of the tenants. Net2 works seamlessly with their video door entry solution called Entry and electronically controls access to the individual offices using the multi-tenant feature. Each user has access through the main door via an external, vandal-resistant panel and to their workplace using the KP75 keypad.

Paxton says that the Entry vandal-resistant panel gives individual companies the ability to manage access for their own visitors. Each company has an Entry Premium monitor installed which enables them to visually identify their visitor via video call before allowing them into Cecilia Square.

Furthermore, Net2 software offers a centralised administration and control of sites with up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users, which Paxton says was a big factor in the choice of the system, as it accommodates the 400 employees needing access to Cecilia Square.


According to Paxton, the companies who operate from the building are extremely happy with the new Net2 system and the simplified access control features it provides. The enrollment process is now streamlined and they are no longer facing issues with biometrics as they had done previously.

“The Paxton solution is definitely a turnkey solution. It is hassle free and has increased reliability and ease of access for building staff and clients alike,” said Johan Bester, Financial Manager of Cecilia Square.

Stephen Bezuidenhout, Western Cape Accounts Manager of Smart Protect said: “The manner in which our Paxton representative has assisted in educating us and the client has not only sold the solution but shown the client how user friendly and simplistic the implementation process is.”

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