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Simple-to-use Paxton Installer app now available for download

Installer App

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Paxton’s new Installer app officially went live on 20 October 2020. The tool has been designed as a centralised platform, to give installers and system administrators instant access to the information they need to install and manage Paxton products and solutions on the go.

2020 has been a productive year for the people of Paxton, despite the on-going consequences of the global pandemic. Government guidelines and social distancing measures in many countries have led to essential and innovative updates for Paxton’s long-standing access control system, Net2 and the company’s newest award-winning product, Paxton10, which encompasses video management and access control on one platform. 

Paxton’s Chief Executive, Adam Stroud explains: “There are certain things, such as this pandemic, that happen outside of our direct control and where possible, I think it’s important to try to see the opportunity to do something fresh and different.”

Alongside rolling out these important updates, Paxton added the new Paxton Installer app to its 2020 agenda. The simple-to-use pocket tool provides digital access to Paxton’s Knowledge Base.  This consists of up-to-date product specifications, technical documents, video installer instructions as well as answers to many FAQs

Adam said: “At Paxton we are always looking for opportunities to improve the service and information we provide to our valued installers and their customers. Saving them time and making their working lives more convenient is why we have invested in developing the new Paxton Installer app.”

To make life simple on site for installers, Paxton has designed the app’s search functionality with a seamless experience in mind. Individual product information can be accessed within seconds via the app’s built in bar code scanner. Installers will also be able to direct dial Paxton’s expert technical support and find a list of local distributors to make sourcing products and getting installation advice quick and easy.

Adam continues: “We have an ever-growing library of content about our products and solutions. Finding the right information when you need it can often be a challenge. Making this easier for our installers has been one of the key objectives of the new app. You will be able to simply scan or search for your product and all the information is right there for you. In addition, the app gives you immediate access to our vast knowledge base that is used by our own customer support team.”

Another benefit of the app for installers is the ability to favourite link documents for quick access and share information with colleagues or end users via email, text, Airdrop, or WhatsApp. All documents and videos are also available offline as they are downloadable within the app. This makes it possible to access information when internet access is a problem.  

Adam concludes: “I am very pleased we have invested in the development of this app to make things simpler and more efficient for installers. Watch this space as we have much more planned for it in the future!”

Download the Installer app

The app is available to download now on iOS and Android smart-devices using the following links:

Paxton Installer- App Store

Paxton Installer- Google Play

You can also check out the Paxton Installer app video. This explains how installers can use the app’s functionally and how they can get the most out of the innovation.

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