Patriot One to deliver its PATSCAN Platform to Ohio School District


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Patriot One Technologies is pleased to announce receipt of a purchase order for its PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform from its security system integrator/reseller partner, Ginter Electrical of Ohio and Mt. Healthy City School District in Mt. Healthy, Ohio.

“We’re excited with our growing list of deployments of our PATSCAN Platform with schools and universities across the US, including our work with education clients and Ginter Electrical,” shared Martin Cronin, Patriot One CEO and President. “Through these initial school and university-based deployments, our Platform will provide invaluable data and learnings, which will help each future installation and deployment across a vast array of unique environments and venues. We’re honoured to have been selected by Mt. Healthy City Schools to begin deploying our covert threat detection platform which will help create a safer campus and community for their students, parents and staff.”

The PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform has been shipped to Ginter Electrical, where they will be joined by Patriot One engineers and Mt. Healthy City School District security and engineering teams to begin testing for deployment of the solution. The specific location of the Platform’s deployment will not be disclosed.

“We’re excited to be part of a solution that will help our K-12 schools become safer across America and working with Mt. Healthy City Schools, an Ohio public school district, makes this even more special to our team at Ginter Electrical,” expressed T.J. Dooley, Ginter Electrical’s Systems Integration Manager. “No student should have to walk into a school today and feel like they are walking into a fortress. This can create unnecessary anxiety for students who may wonder if their school is safe. The PATSCAN Covert Threat Detection Platform not only is focused on saving lives, but also saving a way of life for our students and our community.”

“Mt. Healthy City School District is excited and proud to partner with Patriot One and Ginter Electrical for a reasonable assurance of the safety of our students and staff,” said Dr. Reva Cosby, Mt. Healthy City School District Superintendent. “Safety is the most important thing we can provide our students and staff to ensure student success.”

Following the initial deployment of the PATSCAN Platform at one of Mt. Healthy Schools, Patriot One and Ginter Electrical will work to broaden the deployment of the solution with other schools in the district, as well as with other clients who have expressed interest in the multi-sensor threat detection platform.

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