Patriot One selected for Canadian funding program

Patriot One

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Patriot One has announced it has been selected by Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster for participation in a funding program for up to $4.5 million (CAD) in co-investment capital for the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform. This investment is proposed to fund the advanced development and deployment of the PATSCAN VRS health and safety detection modules for thermal elevated body temperature, facial mask screening, social distancing and contact tracing as part of the company’s suite of video object recognition solutions.

The co-investment is subject to the completion of a definitive contract, which proposes to release funding under a two-stage approach to develop and deploy (a) a thermal screening module that highlights persons presenting with elevated temperatures in real-time, using commodity-priced thermal cameras, (b) additional computer modules that detect the presence or non-presence of medical and non-medical masks and face coverings and the ability to highlight persons and problem areas where social distance requirements are not being maintained, and (c) cross-location monitoring and prediction of future outbreaks based on the overall trending of a combination of quantifiable indicators. Stage one is proposed to comprise up to $2.25 million in investment funding to demonstrate the development and deployment of modules over a four to six-month timeframe on-site with five or more co-development customers and commercial validation by one or more customers recruited as a co-development partner for Stage two. Following a successful Stage one deployment, the company will receive a second investment advance of up to $2.25 million over a six to an eight-month timeframe to refine the Health & Safety Modules and redeploy same with Stage one partners and customer(s). Expenses eligible for investment are subject to the Supercluster’s COVID-19 Program Co-Investment Guidelines.

The Health & Safety Modules are additional video object recognition solutions that have been added to the PATSCAN Platform, which also includes weapon detection, disturbance and fight detection modules.

“Our mission has always been to create safer communities by detecting dangers before they become a threat to our global citizens and communities,” shared Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One. “We believe our thermal camera solution will greatly help businesses, healthcare, retail, sport, entertainment and hospitality industries as they re-open the economy. The thermal and facial mask screening solutions will allow property management to screen employees and customers for elevated body temperatures and if detected, those individuals can proceed through a secondary screening process for further evaluation, as well as for compliance with mask protocols.”

“The Health & Safety Modules can use off-the-shelf thermal cameras, powered with our PATSCAN artificial intelligence (AI) software, to identify and analyse instances of elevated body temperature,” explained Dietmar Wennemer, Patriot One’s new President and COO. “It is not as simple as installing a thermal camera and expecting to get a precise temperature reading; the fine temperature tolerances are not detected with every standard IR thermal camera. The key is in our use of machine learning to identify anomalies. Any anomalous detection outside a nominal body temperature range will result in an immediate alert, which will be instantly transmitted to onsite security for further action. This new thermal module is compatible with the PATSCAN Platform and compatible with all other solutions including the facial mask detection module. All detection modules can be monitored remotely. We also have two excellent AI research teams that continuously enhance our AI features and the effectiveness of the computer neural networks we utilise for our advanced solutions.”

“We are proud to support the development and deployment of the PATSCAN Platform to improve the health and safety of all Canadians through the Health & Safety modules being developed by Patriot One,” said Sue Paish, CEO of the Digital Technology Supercluster. “This innovative screening technology will support Canada in safely reopening the economy in the COVID-19 environment.”

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