Patriot One joins NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program


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Patriot One Technologies Inc., maker of the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform, has announced it has joined the NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program.

The NVIDIA Metropolis platform allows companies to create complete solutions for video capture, processing, storage and visualisation – from the edge to the cloud. The partner certification program offers system design tools and turnkey software packages enabling pre-validated, enterprise-ready intelligent video analytics (IVA) solutions that can be deployed to build smarter and safer cities worldwide. The certified software, once deployed in the field, makes it hassle-free for companies to manage and upgrade software easily and scale out their IVA solutions everywhere. This includes high-end smart sensors, like those found with Patriot One’s PATSCAN Platform’s VRS video threat detection solution, as well as intelligent appliances, such as network video recorders for on-premises deployment and servers in the cloud.

“I am pleased and honoured that NVIDIA has certified Patriot One as a Metropolis Program partner and sees value in our PATSCAN Platform and its VRS component,” said Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One. “In addition to our current video threat detection modules for (i) weapon detection and (ii) public disturbance and fights, our team continues to look at other module applications, including the use of thermal cameras. Our platform, including our video object recognition capabilities, will help our communities not only become smarter, but safer from a variety of seen and unseen threats.”

Patriot One’s development team is working with NVIDIA to integrate the PATSCAN software, including its multiple sensor components, as an offering through the NVIDIA Metropolis platform. As a program partner, Patriot One plans to promote its offerings at NVIDIA and third-party events, as well as gain early access to various NVIDIA hardware and SDKs, which will further speed up deep-learning application development time and performance. Patriot One will also get access to a dedicated NVIDIA technical team as part of the Metropolis program.

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