Strategic partnership formed to enhance SaaS security

Strategic partnership formed to enhance SaaS security

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A managed security and IT services provider has recently collaborated with SaaS Alerts.

Logically has formed the partnership and is offering the specialised solution to provide customers with constant monitoring of SaaS applications.

Tools such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce and Google Workspaces are monitored by SaaS Alerts to detect potential threats in cloud applications.

“SaaS applications carry a substantial risk”

The new automation tool is capable of identifying ongoing security threats and providing comprehensive alerting and response across all applications.

Buddy Pitt, Virtual Chief Security Officer, Logically commented: “As cyber-threats continue to mount in today’s digital age, the importance of application security cannot be overstated.

“SaaS applications carry a substantial risk due to the sensitive data they often contain and ensuring that the flexibility and scalability they offer is paired with enhanced security, is paramount.

“SaaS Alerts offers threat detection, intelligent automation and comprehensive alerting to do just that.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Logically to help protect their customers’ critical SaaS business applications,” added Jim Lippie, CEO, SaaS Alerts.

“Given the current threat landscape, it’s more important than ever to ensure customers are protected from evolving security threats.

“We’re excited to see how our partnership continues to evolve in the years to come.”

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