OPTEX’s new range of 180° outdoor intrusion sensors available in EMEA and Americas


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OPTEX Co., Ltd has launched a new series of outdoor PIRs in EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) and in South and North America that offer 180° detection coverage and 12m/40ft radius to detect any intrusion around a residential or commercial building.

The WX Infinity series comprises two wired and two wireless models available either as the standard or anti-masking version. The new models are built upon OPTEX’s extensive track record in providing outstanding sensing performance for outdoor intruder detection applications, while the wide (180°) detection area coverage brings a new feature that is ideal for protecting larger residential grounds.

“Outdoor warning technology can help prevent crimes by detecting and reporting intruders before they attempt to break into a building,” says Hiraku Shibuya, Section Chief, Sales and Marketing Department, Security Division at OPTEX Global Headquarters. “Early intrusion detection is what OPTEX has been focusing on for the last 40 years by delivering an extensive line-up of outdoor intruder detection sensors that provide reliable outdoor security.”

The WXI sensors can provide two, independent 90° 12m/40ft detection areas, one for the left side and one for the right. The detection distance ranges from 2.5m (8ft) to 12m (40ft), and the sensitivity and alarm output can be set up independently for these left and right areas. For instance, the left output can trigger for a simple awareness alarm while the right side output prompts CCTV camera system to set an event index.

A patent pending area-masking shutter allows a sliding mechanism to quickly mask an area and makes the detection area narrower to avoid obstructions such as swaying vegetation. The set-up procedure has been made easier by including an automatic walk test mode to ensure a quicker and more accurate installation.

The WXI motion sensors benefit from OPTEX’s sensing analytics that filter out noises that are common in outdoor environments, and also distinguishes between humans and small- to medium-sized animals thanks to its Super Multidimensional Analysis (SMDA) logic. The sensors also include temperature compensation and double conductive shielding to ensure best performance in sunny and hot outdoor environments. The selectable pulse count also has the option to enhance the sensor sensitivity when needed.

All WX Infinity models feature a tamper-proof back panel to detect if anyone is attempting to move the sensor from the wall, and the anti-masking models (WXI-AM/ WXI-RAM) will alert when anyone tries to cover the lens to block its view.

“We are pleased to bring our first 180° outdoor PIR series to the market that complements our existing 90° and curtain sensor range,” adds Hiraku Shibuya. “We first presented the first WXI models at Securex in South Africa in May 2018 and had a fantastic response from installers. We are now in a position to roll out the complete WXI series across the whole European and African and Middle East (EMEA) region, as well as in North and South America.”


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