OPTEX sensors deployed to protect Fowler Farms from vandalism and theft

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Highly accurate and reliable outdoor detection technology from OPTEX, the global sensor manufacturer, is at the heart of a new solution installed by Eyewatch Security that is helping to protect property and valuable equipment at Fowler Farms in Lincolnshire.

Fowler Farms is a 460 hectares family-owned farm near Scunthorpe that specialises in producing wheat, barley and oil seed rape, as well as maize which is grown to supply a local Anaerobic Digestion plant. 

The farmyard is fronting onto a busy main road, making it vulnerable to unwanted intruders. Following a succession of break-ins and incidents of vandalism, the Fowler family decided to take action. They turned to local specialists Eyewatch Security, to recommend a solution.

Following an in-depth review, Eyewatch specified and installed a wireless alarm solution, comprising a series of OPTEX’s VX Shield sensors and AX Infrared (IR) Beams, to cover the areas of the farmyard most at risk. The solution is monitored via the farm workshop, with a 24-hour duty manager on hand to respond to any alerts.

Ambrose Fowler says the new solution is providing greater peace of mind: “The new security system is helping to better protect the farmyard through the night and weekends when we are not working. Eyewatch has built up a strong reputation in the area, which may also help to deter intruders. They have installed signage across the yard to indicate that it is protected by them and they are extremely quick to respond to alerts, as well as any service or maintenance issues.”

Dean Bolton, Managing Director at Eyewatch Security, says the solution provides a flexible and reliable approach to intrusion detection: “We have worked in close partnership with OPTEX for a number of years and have found their range of sensors extremely accurate. We worked with them to develop and create a solution that, paired with our ‘round the clock’ monitoring services, provides a cost-effective, flexible and complete security response.”

OPTEX’s VX Shield sensors are one of its best-selling products across Europe. The outdoor intrusion detector provides 12m x 90-degree detection coverage and features active IR anti-masking which detects objects covering or blocking the lens when monitoring the detector status and small to medium-sized animal tolerance. The AX IR Beams are fully wireless and can be easily stacked into towers to protect indoor or outdoor perimeters.

Ben Linklater, Sales Director at OPTEX Europe, says reliable external protection is increasingly important in rural environments: “Countryside crime is a huge issue in the UK costing thousands in theft and damage to property, assets, valuable equipment and also livestock.

“We are pleased to be working with Eyewatch to help Fowler Farms and their customers realise the true benefits of early detection to keep their premises and their people safe.”


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