OPTEX Group companies enjoy successful Intersec 2020 in Dubai


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OPTEX and Fiber SenSys Inc., both OPTEX Group companies, have hailed the success of Intersec Dubai, especially the positive reaction to their point locating sensor solutions for high-end applications and the latest range of IP connected beam towers.

The new Terrain Defender TD100, buried sensor from Fiber SenSys, shown for the first time at Intersec, proved extremely popular with visitors. It is the only software-defined radio-based covert solution of its kind and adds another level of precision and accuracy for perimeter protection. It is designed specifically to answer the needs of the most demanding sites, including military, nuclear facilities and VIP residences. It can be easily installed in a variety of terrain such as sand, grass, asphalt, concrete, etc. and can locate the point of intrusion within a metre.

For locating and tracking intruders within open areas or along a perimeter, OPTEX presented Redscan LiDAR technology with exact X&Y coordinates. The detection range can be set from a few centimetres to 100m and the target object size can be tailored to specific applications. The sensor’s flexibility and precision lend themselves to a huge range of custom applications, including detecting hands approaching an object, individuals crawling or objects thrown over walls or fences.

“The level of precision and analytics offered by our buried, fibre optic and laser sensors make them ideal intrusion detection solutions for critical infrastructure or high-security sites,” says Bassem Jouni, Middle East General Manager for the joint OPTEX-Fiber SenSys office.

OPTEX also showcased its latest line of pre-assembled IP connected beam towers, providing reliable and cost-effective virtual perimeter protection. These beams have already been successfully deployed in many sites and residences across the Middle East.

“Our products have been proven across the Middle East,” Bassem continues. “Intersec Dubai provided us a great platform to engage with this market, as well as the opportunity to visit with many international clients and potential clients. It was a busy show with high-quality attendees. We appreciate the great response to our solutions that meet the needs of this important market.”


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