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Oncam extends C-Series product suite with introduction of C-08 camera


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Oncam, an independent manufacturer of single-sensor fisheye 360-degree cameras and video surveillance technology, has announced the launch of the C-08, a high performing, compact and easy-to-install 8MP camera that provides coverage of wide areas from a single viewpoint.

Engineered and designed by Oncam and powered by the leading Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform, the C-08 achieves complete situational awareness, at up to 60 fps. As with all C-Series cameras, it leverages state-of-the-art technologies, including StreamLite+ Compression, TrueDetail HDR and Advanced Light Management to deliver Oncam’s leading image quality in challenging light conditions while lowering bandwidth and storage demands. The recently launched Multi-Mode technology allows users to stream up to four different views, whilst maintaining an impressive 30 fps on the primary stream while running three other streams.

“The C-08 is powered by the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform, capable of offering powerful image processing and enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities.” said Jerome Jacqmin, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Qualcomm Communications S.A.R.L. “We are proud to be collaborating with Oncam on the C-Series portfolio and driving innovative smart cameras solutions for a wide range of IoT applications for security, safety and more.”

The C-08 is a unique solution that captures an area without blind spots, providing a range of views and multiple use cases not possible with traditional narrow field-of-view cameras. The C-08 incorporates a clean, modular design and comes in a compact Indoor form factor or robust Outdoor Plus.

Designed for quick, simple and intuitive installation the C-08 also boasts a range of complementary accessories to support a variety of installation needs, making it extremely versatile. As a ceiling mounted camera, users will experience the best in 360-degree fisheye and based on use case, also simultaneously stream two and three-way Corridor and VCam views. When wall mounted, the C-Series is transformed into a 180-degree camera to deliver natural dewarped Panoramic+ views.

The C-08 builds on the success of the acclaimed Evolution 05 Mini and now joins the C-12 cameras to expand the C-Series. The C-08 and C-12 share the same user interface and platform to ensure backward compatibility and easy maintenance. They also share the same firmware and can be upgraded with new features, making them future proof and easy to integrate with partner solutions. C-Series cameras are fully NDAA compliant.

“Building upon the C-Series platform, the C-08 is a key part of Oncam’s continued commitment to driving innovation and development across growing industry segments and emerging technologies,” said Scott Brothers, Chief Operating Officer, Oncam. “Backed by the power of Qualcomm Technologies’ market-leading technology, we are perpetually bringing exciting new capabilities to the intelligent video market. The solutions we are delivering today expands our comprehensive 360-degree portfolio to drive the next generation of video surveillance applications.”

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