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Oncam ExD camera range honoured with 2019 Hazardex Award


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Oncam, the provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, has announced that its Evolution ExD Explosive Environment Camera Range was awarded the Personal Protection Technologies (PPTex) Innovation Award during the Hazardex 2019 Conference and Exhibition in the U.K. The award highlights the best innovation in PPT equipment to improve safety within the process and high hazard industries.

Over the last decade, the Hazardex Awards program has become a benchmark for those supplying products, services and systems within hazardous areas. The ExD, the only 360-degree single-sensor camera that is in an explosion-protected housing, is designed to safeguard environments in markets such as oil and gas production and refineries, power and utilities, wastewater treatment, grain handling and storage and other hazardous materials facilities.

The Oncam ExD camera range helps ensure the safety of the surrounding atmosphere by containing electrical sparks that can ignite and potentially cause significant harm to both people and assets. The ExD is certified by IEC to IECEx standards and by ATEX in the European Union for use in hazardous environments. The ExD camera range, which includes both 5MP and 12MP models, provides increased flexibility for customers in these markets to install a high-quality, single-sensor camera in an explosion-protected housing. The camera range also features heavy-duty, 316L stainless steel and is rated IP66, IP67 and IP68 against water and dust ingress.

“So much of the work and design that went into this specialised camera line was in response to the demand that organisations had to protect the safety of their employees and the security of their critical assets,” said Jon Marsh, VP Product, Oncam. “That’s what makes this award such an exciting one, as it recognises this effort and highlights the ability that this surveillance camera has to provide situational awareness to hazardous environments.”

For more information about the ExD camera range, click here.


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