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ODSecurity ups the game for contraband detection in prisons 


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ODSecurity, already well known in the field of contraband detection, through their established Soter RS range of body scanning systems, is upping its game with the launch of THEIA Automatic Threat Recognition, (ATR) software to their arsenal of products designed to fight the contraband and improve safety in our prison estates.

THEIA Automatic Threat Recognition Software is being launched onto the market currently at American Jail Association’s (AJA) 41st Conference and Jail Expo at Long Beach, California, USA.

Visitors to the ODSecurity Booth at AJA can experience the impact of THEIA by personally operating the first full body automatic threat detection system.  

Joost Deutekom, Marketing Manager at ODSecurity said: “We have had terrific first responses from visitors operating the system on the stand. One visitor reported that the images were already clear, still he was surprised that he had missed some obvious items on the body. But that THEIA had highlighted those items instantly, giving him increased confidence in stopping contraband from entering his facility.” Joost continued: “This software fits our strategy to uncover all contraband and improve overall safety.”

THEIA has been trained with elaborate datasets containing scan-images unlinked to contraband, rings, or surgical pins for example. It knows exactly what a scan, clear from any forms of contraband should look like. Anything that deviates from a ‘negative’ scan is recognised as an anomaly by THEIA. The value of training THEIA to detect anomalies is that it detects any type of contraband at any location in the body. 

The Machine learning and AI algorithms that make up THEIA ensure the software will continuously improve. The more data THEIA is exposed to, the more it learns, optimises and grows in accuracy.

ODSecurity views the relationship between operators and AI Software to be a symbiotic one, as THEIA is a powerful tool in supporting operators to take appropriate action when analysing scan-images for contraband. All of which will contribute to making our prisons and custodial estates safer and more efficient, for everyone.

THEIA and Soter together will detect, any anomalies, anywhere on or in the body.

Come by Booth 107 for a demonstration.

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