NTT DATA and CYFIRMA form strategic partnership


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NTT DATA and CYFIRMA have announced a global strategic collaboration, enhancing NTT DATA’s capabilities in threat management across its global cybersecurity services portfolio.

This collaboration aims to empower governments and businesses to shift from reactive to predictive cybersecurity strategies using real time intelligence.

NTT DATA and CYFIRMA’s partnership

Amidst a volatile geopolitical climate and rapid technological advancements, cyber-attacks have surged, with threat actors employing technology for malicious campaigns.

Recognising the evolving threat landscape, NTT DATA and CYFIRMA have united to offer tailored external threat landscape management services.

Leveraging CYFIRMA‘s AI-powered cyber intelligence platform, DeCYFIR, organisations can proactively identify, monitor and respond to cyber-threats.

DeCYFIR provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, digital risk monitoring, situational awareness and third-party risk monitoring.

The partnership aims to transform risk mitigation by integrating DeCYFIR into NTT DATA’s unified managed detection and response service, using actionable insights to implement mitigation strategies across people, processes and technology for global enterprise customers.

“Enhancing our threat management capabilities”

Hidehiko Tanaka, Senior Vice President, Head of Technology and Innovation General Headquarters, NTT DATA remarked: “At NTT DATA, we constantly strive to offer our clients the most advanced and reliable solutions in collaboration with strategic partners to address their evolving IT and security needs.

“Partnering with CYFIRMA and harnessing DeCYFIR’s advanced threat intelligence globally is a significant step towards enhancing our threat management capabilities.

“With this partnership, we aim to provide our global enterprise customers with a robust defence mechanism to proactively detect, mitigate and respond to cyber-risks effectively.

“The integration of DeCYFIR with NTT DATA’s global expertise reinforces the commitment of both companies to provide unparalleled cybersecurity services, offering enterprises real-time visibility into potential threats and vulnerabilities across their digital assets.”

“Stay ahead in this ever-evolving threat landscape”

Kumar Ritesh, Founder and CEO, CYFIRMA concluded: “We are thrilled to join forces with NTT DATA, a global leader in IT services, to revolutionise how businesses approach cybersecurity.

“We have built DeCYFIR with the aim to unify multiple disparate security capabilities and help organisations deliver personalised and advanced threat indicators that can cut out the noise, direct resources to mitigate the most critical risk and drive much-needed efficiency into cyber-defence practices.

“With DeCYFIR at the core of NTT DATA’s security operations centres, enterprises can proactively anticipate cyber-threats, enabling them to stay ahead in this ever-evolving threat landscape.

“Together, we give organisations the confidence to digitalise their business, tap into the power of interconnection and drive hyper growth knowing that they are well-equipped with the best cyber-intelligence technology coupled with the brightest security talents.”

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