Modern Norway museum upgrades security with Integra system from SystemHouse Solutions


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The National Museum in Oslo, Norway has selected SystemHouse Solutions’ Integra to secure its premises.

By implementing Integra, it is now easy, simple and safe for users to operate the system as well as maintain an overview, regardless of where users are in the building.

Björn Forwald, Technical Leader, The National Museum explained that the solution was designed with key words such as functionality and stability in mind to protect the art and people within the building.

“A system is not ready when it is installed, but a lot is required even when everything is in place,” said Forwald. “Here, support is of utmost importance and we want to highlight the support we received during this process.

“There has been great responsiveness when new functions had to be developed; throughout the project it was the same people who worked on the issues, who know the project and the building.”

In the administrative part of the building, SystemHouse Solutions’ visitor management system – Check In – was installed and the entire building is covered by fire protection from Autronica, which is also integrated into the Integra system.

The overall, web-based management user interface – Artifex – can collect all alarm points, door environments and integrated systems in a visual platform that provides an excellent overview, easy and intuitive operation and quality graphic display of all the relevant points around the building.

At the museum, the Artifex user interface also includes an overview and operation of integrations for fire safety, guard communication and CCTV.

In addition to this, the installation includes a data centre with a VMware server solution, a screen wall with ten screens and various clients and monitors in the guard room – not to mention several hundred CCTV cameras and radars to detect movement, both outdoors and indoors.

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