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Nominet launches global cybersecurity partner program ‘Velocity’ following team expansion


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Nominet has announced its global cybersecurity partner program, Velocity. Partners will be able to capitalise on the significant market momentum seen for the Nominet NTX network detection and response solution since its official launch in December 2018, for which interest now stretches across four continents. The three-tiered partner program is designed to meet industry demand for simpler, more rewarding programs which foster an attitude for success built on better training, understanding of the product and contextual environment it thrives in. It will allow partners to take advantage of an untapped area of the IT infrastructure for security, the DNS layer.

The Velocity partner program has three tiers and is designed to attract new partners with generous entry-level incentives but also offer scope for growth. Indeed, if partners make “Power” status within 12 months, all deals within that time will be retrospectively rewarded.

The Velocity partner program from Nominet has the following tiers:

  • Tier 1 – “Power” partners have been through both technical engineer and sales training. They can demonstrate NTX, technically deploy the solution and support customers on their NTX journey. These partners, in return, receive the healthiest rebates and discounts, as well as access to the co-marketing funds.
  • Tier 2 – “Accelerate” partners have participated in Nominet’s sales training session, ensuring that they are adequately equipped to talk authoritatively about NTX and can work with technical distributors and/or the Nominet technical team for the full demonstration and deployment.
  • Tier 3 – “Motion” partners are at the entry level of their relationship with Nominet. While margin is still generous, with easily available and succinctly delivered training and support from the Nominet team, these partners will benefit from moving up the tiers to take advantage of the more favourable financial incentives and knowledge building.

Velocity partner program is an evolution of the current relationships Nominet has with partners in the cybersecurity space. By formalising its structure, reward and rebate systems, as well as any additional incentives and support available, the system can be rolled out simply across its VAR, MSSP and SI network through the new partner portal.

Dave Rawle, CTO at Bytes Security Partnerships comments: “We’ve worked with Nominet for a number of years and will benefit immensely from the formalised new Velocity partner program. We’ve had an exceptionally collaborative and successful relationship to date and the new training and incentives will only enhance that. By creating a process that can be replicated and maximised for other organisations, the true value of the new Velocity program will be felt.”

Rick Steele, Cybersecurity Sales at Satisnet said: “We’re looking forward to the new Velocity partner program from Nominet. Our engagement to date has been extremely positive and professional, with NTX able to alleviate many security concerns currently keeping CISOs awake at night. As NTX evolves, the partner program will be extremely useful in keeping us up to date and ensuring we can generate maximum results from the network detection and response opportunity.” 

The new channel team responsible for cybersecurity at Nominet is headed up by Dave Polton, VP Solutions at Nominet and reaches across the UK, North America and beyond. Discussing the new program, Dave said:

“We’re building a channel community that fosters an attitude for success. Encouraging training and development means that we can generate the skills amongst our partners that will enable them to succeed as technical business partners finding solutions and tapping into opportunities which others can’t. Our success in cybersecurity and experience in running critical infrastructure has given us unparalleled experience and technical resources to support our partners and it’s this that we’ll be drawing on to generate growth across the board.

“There is a huge Network Detection and Response opportunity on the horizon and in formalising our partner program we’re creating a structure where all of our partners can both realise and replicate success,” Polton concluded.

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