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Nexus wireless alert system from Luminite is quick and easy to install


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Luminite Electronics, manufacturer of wireless and hard wired PIR detectors, has been enjoying success with the launch of its Nexus wireless critical alerts at the end of last year.

Initially aimed at schools for lockdown and construction sites for fire, Nexus has evolved into an alert system for a host of applications including office spaces, care homes, hospitals and places of worship.

The Nexus units are battery powered and have a long and robust transmission range of 1km between units. The systems are portable and quick and easy to install with no civil works or cabling required.

Nexus units are designed with an input and an output so they can seamlessly integrate with existing alarm and access control systems. For example, a Nexus point can be connected to a fire door to activate a sounder/strobe when the fire door is breached or propped open. This can be an independent alert within the building or can communicate through other Nexus points in range back to a control room.

By using the PC app, one central location can monitor and control the alerts and re-set the system after activation. The email function of the Nexus PC app allows for a notification to be sent to up to three email addresses or groups to further clarify the access breach.

The input/output can be connected to a variety of access control points including turnstiles, areas with restricted access, as well as fire doors. In a lockdown situation all access points can be triggered to restrict access and egress whilst in the event of fire these points can be opened to allow rapid evacuation.

Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite Electronics commented: “With security so high on the priority list for a large number of sensitive buildings, Nexus ticks a number of boxes – it is quickly deployable, intelligent and has the capacity to integrate with a host of access control systems via the input/output points built into every unit.”

For more information, contact Laura Grainger at Luminite on 0208 368 7887 or visit

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