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Nexus Lockdown system protects corporate headquarters of Fibre Technologies Limited


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The corporate headquarters and R&D division of Fibre Technologies Limited are based in Crowthorne, Berkshire. The very nature of the security services that the company’s specialist divisions offer, to a wide portfolio of clients, require a “high security” environment.

Whilst the building deploys the latest security technologies, being located on a traditional business park means that the overall security of the local area is outside of the company’s control.

The company conducted a formal Security Review and Risk Assessment and one of the areas for discussion was the ability to alert staff and visitors that the building needed to lockdown in response to, for example:

  • Suspicious person, persons or vehicle in the immediate area or trying to gain access to the building
  • Security incidents at other high security buildings on the estate
  • Security incidents at local military or school establishments in the vicinity

The company’s specialist FTL Secure Solutions division offers schools and commercial premises a standalone system, completely self-contained.

In response to the situation of concern, on site or in the local vicinity, either someone activates a call point (similar to a fire alarm break glass call point) or the designated controller (typically the main office, security office or facilities manager) will activate the system from their PC.

The siren and unmissable blue beacon activate within seconds. It will sound up to 32 distinctive sounds – or can be upgraded to audible alerts with a range of standard pre-programmed messages or factory-programmed messages supplied by the client with the order.

Sandra Delaney, Director of Fibre Technologies Limited was delighted with the system. Following testing of the system, she said: “It provides all the additional protection for staff and visitors that our review recommended. It was affordable and installed very quickly after the decision to purchase.

“We have recently acquired further premises on the business park so the impressive range of the system means that we can add further alarm call points and sounders in that building without the need to buy another complete system.

“Overall, we are very impressed with the Nexus Lockdown system and we can now move to training our staff on the written Lockdown Procedures so that they know how to react if there is an activation.”

For a free survey or quotation for a Nexus Lockdown system for your office, high security campus, multi-building office complex, shopping mall, business park, airfield, school or college campus please call FTL Secure Solutions on 01344 752222 ([email protected]).

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