State-of-the-art ERA Protect security system brings alarm and camera excellence

ERA Protect

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Following the recent launch of ERA Protect, the next generation wireless smart security system, Steron Locksmiths, the Hartlepool-based locksmith was only too keen to try it out.

Bringing both alarm and camera excellence, ERA Protect offers the ultimate in security confidence and even when there is a broadband outage, the built-in 4G roaming SIM allows crucial data to be sent to the secure ERA Cloud, all controlled by one intuitive smartphone app.

ERA Protect

ERA Protect offers a multitude of capabilities and features that empower users to take charge of their smart security from start to finish.

Long relationship

Stephen Harvey, Director at Steron Lockmiths said: “We have worked with ERA for many years and been very pleased. You know what you’re getting with ERA – consistently good product, service and price.

ERA Protect – A new step forward

“When we were given the opportunity to trial ERA Protect, we jumped at the chance. Fitting the product was a straightforward process and even though the cameras require a power supply, this was not an issue.

“The beauty of the system is that it offers a robust security-driven alarm and camera combination that is all controlled by one easy to use, intuitive smartphone app, which allows users to view and monitor their property at any time and from anywhere in the world. Of course, that’s incredibly convenient but also gives customers the all-important reassurance that they need.

“In addition, ERA Protect, which includes an alarm, Outdoor Cam and FloodlightCam, can be tailored to suit the needs of the customer exactly and even be extended at a later date – maybe an additional camera or PIR if required – giving great flexibility.

Upselling opportunities

Stephen continued: “People are more used to the idea of the ‘connected home’ now and security is no different. By encouraging homeowners to think more pro-actively about security, rather than just in an emergency situation, locksmiths like us, with expertise and skill, now have a great product to upsell to our customers.”

Real-life endorsement

Tania Tams, Head of Marketing at ERA said: “We were both pleased and excited to have such positive feedback from Steron Locksmiths, following such extensive research and development with ERA Protect. Our three key concepts – firstly, our working security ECO system; secondly, confidence in our products and services and thirdly, our quest for ‘total security’ – have all driven the design, development and manufacture of ERA Protect and is reflected in our BSI IoT Kitemark attainment – a shining endorsement of our faith in providing truly secure security. Coupled with this, the ERA Protect system is also approved by Neighbourhood Watch, a much-recognised brand in communities UK wide.

“We can now deliver a truly new way of providing high quality, yet affordable smart security with the end user placed firmly at the centre and being totally in control.

“ERA Protect is different – in concept, in design and in delivery of results – welcome to the next generation.”

For further information on ERA’s brand new ERA Protect range of smart home security, visit, email [email protected] or contact the sales team on 01922 490000.

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