IDIS ranked among the very best in 2020 OSPA Awards

Confirming IDIS as one of the most trusted suppliers of surveillance tech in the UK, the company has been named as a finalist in the 2020 OSPA Awards – the only video manufacturer to be selected.

IDIS, which is now Korea’s largest in-country video surveillance equipment manufacturer, has established a committed customer base in the UK by offering end-to-end video solutions that combine plug-and-play simplicity with advanced functions.

It is an approach that has seen its sales grow consistently, every year, since its 2013 UK launch. In 2018, year-on-year sales were up by 78%, with 22% consolidated growth across Europe.

UK OSPAs founder, Professor Martin Gill said that IDIS and the other 2020 finalists had been identified by an independent panel of experts scoring against impartial and ethical judging criteria.

“All those who are finalists reached a score threshold and those with low scores, or ranked lower than tenth equal, are eliminated. This ensures our finalists represent the very best in the industry.”

IDIS has established its impressive customer base by offering end-to-end video solutions combining plug-and-play simplicity with advanced functions. From the early days of IP, the company took a different approach to its competitors. When everyone else was talking about the advantages of open-architecture IP surveillance and solutions on corporate networks, IDIS understood that there were drawbacks in that approach – and it has been proved right. Today it is almost universally accepted that for many SME video surveillance applications, dedicated networks are better. IDIS identified this reality correctly from the outset because it wasn’t led by what new technology could do, but by what customers actually needed.

As a result IDIS DirectIP was the first genuine, one-click plug-and-play solution which, at a stroke, removed a major burden on professional installers: IDIS believed there should be no need for engineers to learn how to handle networks and routers, or to manage passwords for each individual device. Supporting installers who don’t have in-depth knowledge of networking, IDIS’ For Every Network (FEN) peer-to-peer technology lets engineers deploy secure, multi-site surveillance solutions rapidly.

IDIS has also led the way with other important innovations, including reducing the video storage and transmission burden for users with its Intelligent Codec, a powerful compression technology that cuts bandwidth requirements by up to 90% when combined with motion adaptive transmission (MAT). And to make the migration to H.265 easier and more affordable for users, IDIS developed a dual codec solution allowing simultaneous H.264 live viewing and H.265 high resolution recording – another example of technical innovation being fitted to customer realities, not the other way around.

IDIS has also focused on improving value for end users, with its totally cost- and license- free IDIS Center VMS being powerful yet easy enough for non-specialist staff to use and its industry-best Ultimate Warranty, guaranteeing cameras for five years and NVRs for seven years.

“IDIS innovations have a proven track record of providing targeted, original answers to specific problems faced by end users and installers,” says James Min, Manging Director,  IDIS Europe. “We are delighted that our approach has been recognised in the 2020 OSPA Awards and we look forward to the finals on 26 February.”

To find out more on IDIS solutions, go to www.idisglobal.com, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)203 657 5678. For up to date news and information follow IDIS on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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