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Help AG launches Middle East Incident Response Service

In a move to further help Middle East enterprises enhance their resilience against advanced cyber threats, Help AG has launched a new Incident Response & Forensics Service. The service will empower security teams to drastically shorten the time taken for identification, response and remediation in case of incidents involving cyber-attacks, data leakage and service disruption. Additionally, the Help AG team will work to identify and provide measures to address the root cause of the incident, thereby helping prevent reoccurrence of the threat.

In 2019, the UAE and Saudi Arabia together reported the world’s second-highest cost impact from data breaches, with losses averaging a staggering US$6 million per incident according to research by the Ponemon Institute. The study also found that companies that effectively contain a cyber-attack within 30 days save on average over US$1 million on the total cost of a data breach.

“Cyber-attacks are an inevitability and time is the most critical element in the subsequent incident response chain. However, Middle East businesses are facing an acute shortage of cybersecurity resources which greatly encumbers their ability to detect, contain and mitigate threats,” said Stephan Berner, CEO at Help AG. “Our new service offers enterprises a truly unique cybersecurity edge. With their ability to ‘think like hackers’ our team of qualified experts can rapidly identify and isolate threats, thereby enabling our clients to effectively contain the impact of an incident and maintain business continuity.”

An addition to the company’s Managed Security Services (MSS) portfolio, the new Incident Response & Forensics Service will be delivered by experts with over ten years of experience in cybersecurity. The expertise of Help AG’s MSS division has been validated by Frost & Sullivan which presented the company with its prestigious ‘UAE Managed Security Services Provider Company of the Year’ award. When the need arises, Help AG will assign and dispatch an incident response expert, in the shortest possible time, to work with the customer to conduct analysis and evaluation of the security incident or suspected compromise, up to the identification of root cause.

The new service was unveiled at Help AG’s flagship Security Spotlight Forum event in the UAE and several large enterprises from the regional banking, telecoms and government sectors have expressed interest in the new offering. “As the region’s trusted cybersecurity advisor, we have already successfully supported several incident response requests. With this now formalised into a comprehensive offering, our customers will have the ability to not only respond more rapidly to security incidents, but also strengthen their policies, procedures and awareness in a bid to prevent the occurrence of these threats,” concluded Berner.

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