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New version of WinGuard PSIM platform released by Advancis


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WinGuard from Advancis is the latest generation of open architecture command & control platforms used to integrate and unify security, building automation, IT and communication systems.

Most essentially WinGuard provides operators with an instant picture of full situational analysis for decision making, command and control of all systems as well as dynamic and interactive handling procedures for live security incidents via the control room and in the field for mobile security agents.

The latest version, WinGuard X4 offers numerous innovations as well as increased performance, stability and security to meet the rapidly increasing demands on modern control centres. Given the recent global focus on network and device security, Advancis has made WinGuard one of the most highly protected systems of its kind in the market.


WinGuard X4 boasts the highest levels of system security due to having the strongest database encryption and network connection. It also has stringent protection of all system and configuration files from unauthorised access with data signatures.


The latest 64-Bit-Architecture offers increased performance and stability with segmentation of large installations also improving both security and performance.

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