New range of high performance padlocks launched


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Burg-Wächter has recently confirmed the launch of its Delta 650 and Delta 660 CS padlocks.

Robust, strong and Sold Secure Approved, the new range has been designed and manufactured to exacting standards.

With excellent resistance against cutting attacks, the solid hardened steel body houses a boron steel shackle; this gives the Delta padlocks a high level of durability and tenacity. The shackle also has ball bearing locking on either side, giving the lock added protection against pulling attacks.

Both the open shackle Delta 650 and the closed shackle Delta 660 CS are available in 50mm and 60mm sizes and are Sold Secure Approved – the 60mm padlocks boast Sold Secure Bicycle Gold Approval while the 50mm padlocks carry Sold Secure Bicycle Silver Approval.

The Delta padlock range comes with quality re-keyable brass cylinders which are protected with a hardened anti-drill plate to prevent any drilling attacks.

Key retaining, the key cannot be removed when in the ‘open’ position, thus preventing the user from walking away with the key and leaving the padlock unlocked.

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